Around Town: Tyler Household

I am really lazy when it comes to building so I try my best to find something in the lot catalog. But I couldn’t find anything big enough for Deidre, Corey and the kids on a small lot (I try to limit lots over 3×3). With their combined worth, they are well off but neither struck me has have a lavish home, so I decided to try my luck in building them a house. Continue reading

Around Town: Tracy Household

To free up the somber mood from the last update, here’s a little treat: a lot tour of the Tracy household. I’ve now re-done all the hood placements and all playables have been moved into their new houses. However, not all of them have furniture yet. I figure that I will decorate each house when their update comes up. So far, I’ve completed Amelia’s and the Tracy’s houses. I’ll probably do a special tour of Amelia’s house on N99 (edit: it’s here). Continue reading

Gameplay Notes: Assigning Favorite Colors

When it came to giving my residents favorite colors, I typically used Apple Valley’s method: using her database or using whatever color they transitioned into. I’ve wanting to use a more definite guideline and luckily, I have found an article on favorite colors and personalities, which is adapted from another published article.

You can find the article here, but I am listing the color-personality qualities below. This was just too good to pass up, so I had to share!

Continue reading