welcome to the mad house

November 3003: Tracy household
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Liam is 34, Cora is 31, Adriana is 4, Jordan is 2, Marianne Richward is 13. Also Winter Greer is 16.

narrated by Marianne

The slave masters that I call my parents finally released me from academic probation, but they still refuse to let me date Lloyd. Something about not liking my steady C-average. They shouldn’t hold their breath on me returning to my A-average; high school is a lot harder than I expected and I’m trying to keep up. Continue reading

get out of town

Winter 3002: Tracy Household
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Liam is 33, Cora is 30, Adriana is 3, Jordan is 1 month, Marianne (Richward) is 11 1/2.

The shock of the sudden death of Amelia Meade still hadn’t lifted in the Tracy household. Principal Meade was Marianne’s favorite teacher, so it was not unexpected that she would take it hard. Christmas was very subdued this time around.

Liam and Cora was worried about Marianne, who was still shut up in her room. Continue reading

Every Which Way But the Right Way

Liam (32), Cora (30), & Adriana (1) Tracy and Marianne Richward (10).

Last update: Fall 2010

Things have calmed down and settled for the Tracy family. Marianne has improved in school, and Adriana is luckily not having the usual tantrums that plague new toddlers. Even Liam had cut back on his hours at the dealership. Now that things were less stressful, Cora couldn’t help but wonder why she was tired all the time. Continue reading