Around Town: Crumplebottom Hall

Photobucket is being a real pain right now, so not as many pictures as Landgraab Hall. The next tour on URock is Crumplebottom Hall.

This building was named for the Crumplebottom family, who was known for many contributions in the arts and in education. Thus, this building houses the College of Liberal Arts.

Another front view.

A standard hallway. I thinking about putting sculptures down to use of the empty space.

A bare classroom. I am in the process of making college classroom posters for varying subjects. In this case, for social studies, education, and other liberal studies majors.

Another classroom shot.

A top-down view. The first two floors are identical.

Here’s the top floor, which has nothing yet. I don’t know what it’ll be yet. Possibly bathrooms, as I completely forgot to put some in Landgraab Hall (another note to self).

A shot to show its location. The lower right-hand corner shows a slight view of Landgraab Hall. That small ball of the room is a buyable sky, which is awesome!

And here’s a parting shot showing the future site of my next building, Goth Hall, which houses the Schools of Science & Engineering, Architecture, and Computer Science. Thanks for viewing!

2 thoughts on “Around Town: Crumplebottom Hall

  1. I like how regal Crumplebottom Hall looks; I think it matches the prestige and pompousness of the Crumplebottoms. I have the Landgraab hall as urban. I have an idea as to how I will build Goth hall. At first, I was thinking gothic but because it housing the architecture school, I am planning a modern unique building. Maybe I will have an administration bldg as gothic. I’ll see.

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