Round 3003 Summary

Here were the ROS for this round:

FIGHT (Pick fight with highest LT relationship): Cora Tracy
OOPS, KNOCKED UP (Woohoo with next person you woohoo with): Tamara Juarez
REPO MAN RAMPAGE (3 items totaling $3,000): Deidre Faithbucks
INCREASE THE FAMILY (Try for a Baby): Liam Tracy
CHARITY STRIKES ($12,000): Diego Juarez

Births: Christina UnderwoodArthur JuarezDakota Faulkner, Alexander Faithbucks, Ivy Holt, Harper Tracy, Denzel & Ashlea Cheshire

Deaths: None

Adoptions: None

Engagements: Corey Tyler and Deidre Faithbucks, Devon Summerfield and Heather Fox

Marriages: Dennis Cheshire and Christy Fontaine, Blake Faithbucks and Becca Scott, Dimitri Barnes and Adele Newman, Devon & Heather

Break ups: Genesis Fontaine and Christy Fontaine

New Residents: None

Round 3001 Summary

Here were the ROS for this round:

FEELING CREATIVE- Begin new hobby or start new business. (Britney Underwood)
DEATH! by illness (Amelia Meade)
CHANGE OF PLANS – re-roll LTW (Dimitri Barnes)
CHANGE OF HEART- re-roll turn-ons (Blake Faithbucks)
MAKE IT HAPPEN- fulfill biggest want (Liam Tracy)

Births: Courtney Underwood, Austin & Chase Faulkner, Jordan Tracy

Deaths: Baby Faithbucks, Amelia Meade

Adoptions: Eva Fontaine

Engagements: Dominic Juarez & Tamara Townsend, Arturo Juarez & Donna Richward

Marriages: Dominic & Tamara, Arturo & Donna

Break ups: Blake & Deidre Faithbucks

New Residents: none