Circle of Life: Spring 3002 Birthdays

It’s time for little Courtney Underwood’s birthday! The party was only immediate family.

Happy birthday, Courtney!


  • So Courtney’s features were a surprise. I have no idea who she looks like. She favors neither Britney or Jeffrey, not even any other Richward (Doris, Donna or Cora).
  • But she does have genetic freckles and look at those chubby cheeks! 

Let yourself be free

Doris Richward (61)

Doris Richward is lost in thought. No, not lost. She’s enjoying the peace and quiet in her new place. She had been living with her daughter and granddaughter for seven years, until her daughter Cora finally remarried. Hallelujah! Doris didn’t think Cora would ever find a man. The only reason she had moved in with Cora was to help her out with raising Marianne, after Cora’s husband died. That was supposed to be temporary. Continue reading

Becca Faithbucks

Name: Becca (nee Scott) Faithbucks
Born: 2973
Personality: 7-3-7-3-7
Parents: n/a
Siblings: n/a
Romantic history: n/a
Children: Alexander Faithbucks, Layla FaithbucksNichole Faithbucks (step-daughter), Alicia Faithbucks (step-daughter), Lauren Faithbucks (step-daughter)
Education: BA in Literature, Law JD (University of Rockport)
Occupation: Unemployed
Previous employment: Family Lawyer
Businesses owned: n/a
Aspiration: Knowledge, Money
LTW: Become District Attorney (Become the Law)
Hobby: TBD
Interests: TBD
Previous portraits: