3001 Taxes

The Tax Man Cometh!

Playable total: $177,654
Townies/NPCs total: $3,456,962 (assuming average net worth of $150,561 & 218 T/NPC residents)
Total Taxes Collected: $3,634,617

Highest Net worths:
JuarezDi- $742,440
JuarezDo- $269,420
Meade- $98,529

Lowest Net worths:
Richward (Doris)- $14,628 ($37 refund)
Barnes- $17,557
Tracy- $22,770 ($1,223 refund)


  • It looks like the new tax code proved beneficial to the LC. Because of the new surplus, I will probably only collected once every four years (2 rounds), instead of every two. I’ll see.
  • I was quite shocked to see that Mayor Barnes is the second poorest resident in terms of net worth. I guess I haven’t been playing him enough so he can get payed from the Maxis mayor job.
  • Now that taxes have been collected, the city’s budget will be posted as well.