Gameplay Notes: Assigning Favorite Colors

When it came to giving my residents favorite colors, I typically used Apple Valley’s method: using her database or using whatever color they transitioned into. I’ve wanting to use a more definite guideline and luckily, I have found an article on favorite colors and personalities, which is adapted from another published article.

You can find the article here, but I am listing the color-personality qualities below. This was just too good to pass up, so I had to share!

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Around Town: Vicki’s Sweet Treats

I had a request or two to upload some pics of Victoria’s shop, so here it is:

Here it is, Vicki’s Sweet Treats. I built it myself. I wasn’t planning on making it so modern, but whatever.

As you can see, it’s not very big. But a new business owner (or smart one anyway) would start out with a modest space.

And that’s it! The door leads to a tiny breakroom and bathroom. Nothing to see there.

And here is what she’ll be selling: chocolates! And her business level gets higher, I’ll expand her inventory to include flowers and greeting cards. So her shop will be a gloried gift shop. But it’s always nice for the fellas to have flowers and candy on hand.

I could’ve sworn that I had more pictures than this, but I didn’t. Next time I’m playing her business lot, I’ll get some more. And hopefully by then, her shop will be decorated as well. Her shop is ultra-bare!

Gameplay Notes: Tax Collection Preview

Yep, no additional play time still. What the heck was I thinking, taking 5 classes?

Anyhoo, here is a preview of my tax collection notes. As the mayor of Chocolate City can attest to, I have a fairly complex procedure for collecting taxes. Since I am taking a quick break from studying, I do not have time to post the full procedure. Maybe this weekend. But in the meantime, I am uploading Laurel Crossing’s tax return form, in an excel form.

Tax form? Excel? Run away!”

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