Gameplay Notes: Laurel Crossing Higher Education

This is a continuation of my previous gameplay notes of education in the LC. Before, it was a brief look at the approved curriculum at the primary and secondary schools. This time around, it is a more in-depth look at the university level.

I have greatly modeled my hood’s education after the education system by Apple Valley, slightly because I wanted any LC residents who wanted to do an exchange between hoods they can do so without “being behind”, but mostly because her system is so awesome! So gigantic kudos to Apple Valley, where you can read up on her education series here, if you haven’t already.

How I Do It

Beside the obvious need of the Base-Hood Uni hack, I also use Squinge’s Mega College Pack, as well as Simbiology’s UNI hacks. To help with the realism of paying for college, I use the College Isn’t Free hack collection (which you can get here).

As I continue to play the LC, I’m sure I will come up with adjustments to my game play. So I will update this post as needed. Click the subtitles for more information.

Where to Attend

University of Rockport (URock): a large university set in an urban setting within the city of Rockport, my downtown. I imagine it to be like a NYU or Columbia setting, but more on the academic level as a big state university, such as University of Texas, Florida State, etc. Generally, anyone can be accepted (with some exceptions), as long as you meet the minimum requirements (see below). You can study at an undergraduate, graduate or continuing education level, with on-campus and online classes (for adult students).

Meade College: I imagine it to be an Ivy League school (thus the Academie Society angle), like Dartmouth (since it’s a small campus). Thus, the application process is significantly more competitive, meaning I will limit the total amount of playable students at any given time to three students, although I might bend this rule with an exceptional student. At this time, however, students will only be able to obtain bachelor degrees (no associates or advanced degrees). If students want graduate study, they will need to go to URock.

Studying Abroad: Students can study abroad by attending an affiliate school, such as Cahill University in Heredon Cove, Pierce University in Apply Valley, etc. Another option is the International University System. These schools offer students the opportunity to study abroad, in IU Twikki Island, Takemizu Village and Three Lakes. This will be made possible by using the in-hood university hack. Each campus will only be one 3×3 lot, within each destination. My goal is to initially build these lots CC free, so I can share them. You guys can then add the necessary hacks and enjoy. It’s on my ever-growing to-do list, so we’ll see how long that’ll take me.

Paying for College

Curious on how to pay for college? Find more information here.

6 thoughts on “Gameplay Notes: Laurel Crossing Higher Education

  1. Just in case you guys can’t tell, I have hyper-linked additional information on the schools. I still trying to find a way to change the color on linked text, so that you can tell it’s linked.

  2. I have been reading around and I am really liking your town and I am now tempted to try my own.

    I was looking around Simbology for the College isn’t free hack and I could not find them. I asked around and was informed that they were considered lost forever unless you knew someone that could share them. Is there a chance you would be willing to share the collection?

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