Laurel Crossing Board of Education Curriculum

Superintendent Amelia Meade has mandated the new curriculum for the Laurel Crossing School District.

After weeks of research, Superintendent Meade has created the curriculum to meet not only minimum graduation standards mandated by the SimNational Ministry of Education, but also to meet entrance requirements to a variety of colleges and universities nationwide.

The curriculum also provides a vigorous academic plan for those planning to enter college. Thus, the curriculum is designed to meet the satisfactory levels of the SPAT, or the Scholastic Performance Assessment Test.

SPAT scores are detrimental to students applying to colleges and universities. SPATs are comprised of three sections: CSE (core skill evaluation), CIE (core interest evaluation) and CHE (core hobby evaluation). Credit to Apple Valley.

The new curriculum has arrived just in time for the grand opening of Laurel Grove Primary school, which will open its doors this month. Laurel Hills Secondary school will officially open in time for the new academic year in the fall of 3001.

For interested parents and students, there will be an information session regarding the new academic plan on this Friday in the Laurel Grove school auditorium, where the superintendent and the school staff will be there to answer any questions. For more information, please contact Superintendent Meade at


Edit: I have uploaded the file with my curriculum on it, in case you wanted it. The picture above is not very clear enough to see. Even though I have Excel 2007, I saved it in .xls format for those who don’t; so if the formatting is a little off, that’s why.


Edit (as of 3/2/2016): Beginning with the 3006-3007 school year, the graduation requirements have changed due to the SimNational Ministry of Education’s recent changes to the scoring of the SPAT.

To graduate high school, students must earn a minimum of 15 CSE. CIE and CHE scores are only necessary taking the SPAT. For more information on the new SPAT scoring system, click here.

4 thoughts on “Laurel Crossing Board of Education Curriculum

  1. Wow, so organised and specific! It really looks amazing.

    You have classes planned for each day – does that mean you play your school every day or will what classes you do depend on what day you happen to send your Sim down there? I only ever send my principals to the school once per round, so in my hood, most of the classes would never get done.

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