Around Town: Goth Hall

I’ve been a build mode fool these past two weeks! The next stop on the University of Rockport tour is the final academic building: Goth Hall.

Goth Hall houses the College of Science and Engineering and the School of Computer Arts and Sciences. So if your major falls into Natural or Physical Sciences, Architecture, Math or Computers, this is where you’ll take your classes.

I attempted to make something more modern or abstract, but failed. So I modeled this building to be similar to Crumplebottom Hall. I figured these two buildings would be originals on campus.

Here is the main floor. It’s a pretty wide open space. I’m not done in terms of decorating in the least. Maybe I’ll put a few sculptures and plants here and there.

On the first floor, there are two labs. Here’s the one I decorated. Yep, it’s pretty bare.

Another view.

This shot is to test some CC that I’m working on. I’m using FantasyRogue’s edited version of Crimsyn’s book mesh to make some textbooks. Looks okay except the cover is backwards. I’ll make sure to inverted the images before I upload them. And in case you cannot tell, in Simlish, it says Biology.

This is another classroom; this time for math.

Another shot. That is a math textbook, by the way.

On the back terrace, here are telescopes for astronomy class.

And there it is! It’s a pretty short tour as I was near blind with exhaustion and didn’t take enough good pictures. Ignore the mailbox in front. Apparently, telescopes are not available on community lots. So I made this as residential and will change it back to community once I’m done.

Let me know whatcha think!

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