LC Redux: Laurel Fire Station

The next tour into my rebuilding Laurel Crossing is the Laurel Fire Station.

I will expect this to be a career lot. I already had the NPC firefighter career and I have also found a custom firefighter career as well. Any single person in this career will move into this lot, and I’ll keep a dalmation as a placeholder.

Close-ups of the entrance.


The garage is overlooked by the lunchroom.

Nice kitchen.

Another shot.

Common room that located outside the dorm.

Shots of the dorm. Once I get some firefighters in there, I decorate to their tastes.

The fire chief’s office.

Shot of the bell tower. I have since found a CC bell to put up there.

The view from the roof.

Just a bird’s eye view of my progress so far.


I had pictures for the surrounding buildings and the park that I had taken with this new Gadwin program. But when I went to edit the pictures, it turns out the program stamped “unregistered copy” on all of the pics (it was a trial version). So now I have to re-do ALL of those pictures. What’s the point of allowing a trial version if you cannot take any pictures on it?? Grr.

7 thoughts on “LC Redux: Laurel Fire Station

  1. Love the Dalmatian as placeholder – perfect! Very nice fire station as well – I’ll run mine as a community lot but I’ll still probably steal some ideas from you once I get started with it.

  2. This is a lovely lot. Did you build it yourself?

    I’ve recently been using Gadwin myself and it’s great. Have you tried changing the preferences? I downloaded it but I didn’t get anything about a trial run. Which version are you using. I’m using 4.5, if it’s any help.

    1. I already had Gadwin PrintScreen, but when I went to update it, I also downloaded PrintScreen Professional. It works the same way as the original but it comes with its own image editing program. But every pic I took it stamped “unregistered copy” in big red block letters. So I went back to the original.

      And yes, I did build the fire station. It took a few hours to do, mostly in decorating. Thanks for commenting.

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