Working, Working Day and Night

Spring 3001: Tracy
Liam Tracy (32), Cora Tracy (29),  Marianne Richward (10), Adriana (1)

It was a rare Saturday that Liam was home during the day, as he was usually at Laurel Motors, the car dealership he owned and ran. But it was a slow day due to the snow forcasted for the weekend, so Liam decided to stop by for lunch. As he sat down, his step-daughter, Marianne, was making a proposition to her parents. Continue reading

Let yourself be free

Doris Richward (61)

Doris Richward is lost in thought. No, not lost. She’s enjoying the peace and quiet in her new place. She had been living with her daughter and granddaughter for seven years, until her daughter Cora finally remarried. Hallelujah! Doris didn’t think Cora would ever find a man. The only reason she had moved in with Cora was to help her out with raising Marianne, after Cora’s husband died. That was supposed to be temporary. Continue reading