Around Town: Tracy Household

To free up the somber mood from the last update, here’s a little treat: a lot tour of the Tracy household. I’ve now re-done all the hood placements and all playables have been moved into their new houses. However, not all of them have furniture yet. I figure that I will decorate each house when their update comes up. So far, I’ve completed Amelia’s and the Tracy’s houses. I’ll probably do a special tour of Amelia’s house on N99 (edit: it’s here).

This is a short tour, only the mostly-used rooms, as I was tired of decorating and quite cross-eyed.

Here is the living room, obviously. Liam’s color is gray; Cora’s is orange. I was quite pleased to find that I had this sofa set in their colors. I had figured that I would have to get a grey sofa and add orange pillows. I also have a bad habit of not adding artwork to my Sims’ houses. But I’m working on it.

Here’s a shot of the kitchen, from the dining room’s point of view. You can see another view of the living room. The house’s layout may look a little similar, this was originally Blake and Deidre’s house.

The master bedroom. Sorry, just a one-shot wonder.

Marianne’s room. Her color is yellow, but she does match her mother’s orange tendencies. So I broke up all the yellow with some orange. Of course, I had to add her sports wall decor. She loves her some football (soccer for us Yanks).

Another shot.

Little Ariana’s room. She doesn’t have a favorite color yet; I assign those when my Sims reach childhood. So I continued using purple in her nursery, as I did in the old house. I think I should change the drapes for shorter ones; I know that any toddler would love to pull those down.

Finally, little Jordan’s nursery. I picked green, instead of the traditional blue.

There I go again, skimping on the wall decor! But I like it anyway.

Thanks for reading! 

5 thoughts on “Around Town: Tracy Household

  1. Thanks, AV! I actually got inspired by the sofa set. I initially thought that orange and grey didn’t go together, but once I saw that I had the set, I realized it could be done. Decorating flowed quite simply after that.

    Thanks for viewing!

  2. It looks awesome! I love each and every room.

    I find grey goes with just about everything, if you choose the right items. I love it when my Sims roll grey for the favourite colour, because it’s so easy to work with.

  3. It all looks gorgeous! I need to start giving my sims favorite colors too, it would make decorating for them a bit easier! I really love nurseries, I’m a sucker for those!

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