LC Redux: Progress so far

I have been working on city re-planning for Laurel Crossing for some time now. I’ve got most of everything done, including the base-hood uni. But I am completely burned out on build mode.

So I am going to beginning moving families to the bin and backing up the hood in preparation for the hood replace. As a sneak peek, here are two un-cut photos of what I have so far:

Here is the main hood. There are some empty spots, but those are planned for low-income housing.

And here is the in-hood uni. It is named after a current resident and will be revealed soon. I still have plenty of space to build.

So what do you think?


3 thoughts on “LC Redux: Progress so far

  1. It looks great! I’ve been wanting to rearrange LB but I don’t want to take up playing time to do it…..I already don’t get to play much! I really like the placement of the trees, it’s going to look great in lot view. The in hood uni looks good too…….I wonder which resident is it’s namesake 🙂

  2. Update: it turns out that HoodReplace does not replace lots (!?!), so now I am trying to find a way to do this without reconstructing this hood by hand. Grr.

    If anyone knows a way of doing this let me know.

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