LC Redux: Laurel Grove Primary School…again

In my progress to reconstruct the LC, I wondered if I could build a school from scratch, instead of renovating a downloaded one. It turns out that I can!

Here’s Laurel Grove Primary redux! Yea, boring on the outside I know.

Entrance hall. The door to the left is to the lunchroom. Straight ahead is the gym, and around the right corner is the administration office, in case you didn’t see that sign.

Another look at the entrance.

A look at the office.

View from the secretary’s desk.

Principal’s office.

The main floor hallway.


Side table, but I expect this to be where teachers can eat.


Now on to the classrooms!

My kindergarten room. I have very proud of this room, as it took over an hour to decorate.

Here’s the classroom for Grades 1 and 2. All the other classrooms are planned the same way. The other classrooms are for Grades 3-4 and 5-6.

Shots of the teachers’ nooks. Once this school is in operation, I’ll decorate per the teacher’s taste.

Boys’ and Girls’ locker room. They were added as an afterthought, otherwise I would have place them on the same floor as the gym (which reminds me that I forgot to take pictures of the gym).

Entrance to the library.

Please ignore the empty shelves. This library is still in progress. I’m still in the market for good deco.

An art room that’s pretty pathetic. Again, ignore the very visible OMSPs.

An even more pathetic music room. I only placed instruments that kids can actually play.

Entrance to the auditorium.


A shot to show where the school is near the town square.

And lastly, an edited shot of the nearby train. I even tried to copy Lakeside Height’s train depot. To be fair to her, I will not show it. But you can view hers here.


  • I dislike how boxy it is on the outside, but I guess this school can work in an urban setting as well.
  • I do like the school I have now, but it’s just too big for my computer. I built this school on a 3×2 lot, so it should be small enough to play. I cannot wait to play-test it, especially the kindergarten room.

Let me know whatcha think!

4 thoughts on “LC Redux: Laurel Grove Primary School…again

  1. Oh, it looks great! I wouldn’t worry about the boxiness at all; mine is fairly boxy too but I find what works really well to disguise it is surrounding it with other lots or hood deco. Because when you think about it, most buildings in real life are quite boxy as well but they’re usually closely bordered by a bunch of other stuff.

    Anyway, I really love your library in particular. Do you remember where you found those book stands? I’ve seen those in other people’s lots but never for download anywhere.

    1. Check my resources page, under college textbooks. It’s just best to get the re-worked mesh by FantasyRogue with the recolors. I think there are more recolors of the Sim Crimsyn mesh on Garden of Shadows. Enjoy!

  2. I love your school. I built mine today and I was kind of happy with the outcome – until I saw yours and now I’m envious. *shrug* I can always rebuild someday, someday when there are kids in town.

    1. Thank you for the compliment! I was shocked on how good it turned out at first. I still have a ways to go though. I totally envy Sullivan’s hospital. I checked yours out; it’s pretty good. You can always update it later on, via a “renovation” within your hood.

      Thanks for reading!

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