Around Town: New Faulkner House

As promised, I have put up a lot tour for the Faulkner’s new house.

Trent and Quinn‘s new house at 21 Rosewood Drive is on a 2×3 lot, and is a redecorated version of this house.

The tour begins in the twin’s room. I have rolled a color for the twins, as they are toddlers and their personality isn’t quite defined yet. I’ll assign their colors per my guidelines once they’ve reached childhood. Chase‘s is red and Austin rolled white, which looked utterly ridiculous in this room, so I changed the bedding to green. But he still rocks white in his clothing though.

Another shot shows Chase, with Quinn’s pregnant self fantasizing about food.

On the other side of the second floor is the master bedroom. Trent’s color is brown while Quinn’s is orange, so it worked out nicely. As I put up this shot I realized that I didn’t add any wall hanging, which is a very bad habit of mine. Oh well.

Going downstairs brings us to the entry foyer. It’s not quite moved it, as all I’ve done is added a phone and the ACR controller on the side table and threw the SimBlender in a corner. So I still need to add the knickknacks and plants to the table and cabinet.

The living room, which took a large amount of time, considering how bare it looks. Well, at least I didn’t forget the wall hangings.

Dining room. I think I really lucked out with finding those recolors of the BV pictures.

Here’s the kitchen which is pretty spacious, but it seems I don’t have enough space to have an island counter.  I tried to break up all the neutral colors with the orange, so I think it works.

A shot of the backyard through the backdoor. I almost put the jungle gym in the back, but honestly the twins are only 2 years old. But it is a great backyard space though.

Finally, here’s a full frontal view of the home, where a townie decided to walk by and take the newspaper.


  • This home is much more bigger than their last home. I just hope they don’t have any more kids, as the spare bedroom will be for the new addition and I really don’t want to move them again.
  • As an extra tidbit, this house is located across the street from Rose Hill.
  • And there you have it,  my short tour for the Faulkners.  Thanks for viewing.

6 thoughts on “Around Town: New Faulkner House

  1. Wow, it looks amazing. Your decorating skills are beyond fantastic and I’m refraining from WCIFs (but if I absolutely had to ask, then I would ask for the toddler bedroom set and the foyer table (looks like IKEA add-on))

  2. Starr, I don’t mind the WCIFsthe nursery stuff comes from various places.

    The toddler bed is from the Mission Style Match nursery by SimAddict99 at TSR (I know, the devil!), which can be obtained by the booty: The toddler bed is just a cut-out crib, so I will suggest using the toddler bed that I just started using that has custom animations. Toddlers will change into their PJs and climb into bed on their own. They’re by Michelle111 at MTS here: They are EAxis match items and are slaved to the original meshes so that all of your recolors will show up.

    The toy box is a recolored Seasons toybox, and the changing table is from the Comfy Kids nursery set part 1 at Well Dressed Sims (WDS). Unfortunately it’s pay, and I don’t see it on the booty, so email me if you want it. It’s a crib and changing table. It pulls its bedding from any other crib bedding you may have.

    The console table is by Karaskaras on her site: There are two tables, both with six slots and I often use these tables in my foyers and sometimes as a tv stand.

    Monique, thank you for the compliments. I’m still renting an apartment so I would love to live in any house. Thanks for reading!

  3. This is beautiful! I love your decorating style. I especially like the bedroom and living room. They look so warm and inviting.

    And oddly, I like the hallway a lot too. I never know what to do with hallways – mine are almost always empty!

  4. Beautiful home! That backyard will be great when the kids a little older. I really like the boys’ room, but the living room and dining room are also favorites. Here’s hoping they don’t expand anymore so they can stay.

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