before I let you get away

Fall 3001
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Mayor: Dimitri Barnes
Councilmembers: Amelia Meade, Summer Frazier, Sarah McCarthy, Tiffany Zarubin, Blake Faithbucks, Leo Wilkie

It was the first council meeting after the fall elections, and the main topic of the evening was the current construction of the new college campus in Laurel Crossing.

The Academie Society had been looking for a desirable city to build an Academie school within the Stone Province. It’s first choice was Rockport, as it was the provincial capital and also considered the culture capital of SimNation. But after two years of planning with the city’s government, the deal fell through, more an account of the lack of adequate development space within the city limits.

The Society soon found out about the small, burgeoning city which was currently developing its own college campus. Within two months of negotiations, a deal was approved between the Society and the mayor and superintendent. Construction would be sponsored in majority by the Society, to establish an Academie within the LC’s city limits. The tentative name would be Academie la Roche, originally from the Rockport development.

“I still don’t agree with the name,” Deputy Mayor Summer Frazier challenged. “It’s in our town and it should be named after our town.”

“As do I, Summer,” Superintendent Amelia Meade countered. “However, using that name will bridge this town to Rockport. We are only an hour away from the city. Building an university with an Academie reputation will definitely put us on the map. In addition, we can then attract citizens of Rockport to increase our population.”

“Indeed,” Mayor Dimitri Barnes agreed. “Many urbanites tend to move out to the suburbs to escape city life. We will receive many new residents, especially since we will have an Academie school.”

“We can further improve our economy by offering local attractions, to bring tourists,” Amelia added. “Sports arenas, concert halls, an amphitheater maybe?”

The room fulled with mummers of excitement.

“We shouldn’t over-develop the town,” Summer countered.

“Considering that we haven’t had any population increase for many decades, I’m sure we’re not in any danger of that,” Judge Leo Wilkie remarked pointedly to Summer.

“Yes, of course,” Summer replied, blushing furiously.

To lighten the tone of the meeting, Dimitri changed the topic. “Well, the people have spoken,” he began, referring to the elections. “I’m pleased at passing of the social programs, although I’m still not quite sold on building a mayoral estate. Funds can be better spent somewhere else, than building some fancy house.”

“Well, most cities have them and there should be perks to being mayor,” Summer responded, as she was the one who proposed the idea.

“It doesn’t matter now,” Leo said, “the citizens agreed regardless. The question now is when?”

“I’ve thought about that,” City Treasurer Blake Faithbucks asserted. “Instead of building a new house, why don’t we use an existing home? Say, the Wellington Manor, for example. It’s been empty for a few years and I think minor cleaning would get it in order. That should save us several thousands of dollars.”

“I agree,” Dimitri concurred. “Let’s take a vote.” The council all agreed. “Now, to other business…” Dimitri continued.


The meeting had adjoined an half hour earlier when 9:30 pm found Dimitri finishing up some work in his office. After a few more minutes, he decided to finish up early than he intended; he couldn’t really concentrate. His last night with Amelia had been weighing heavily on his mind for the past few days now.

Then, there was a knock on the door.

“Amelia,” he said in surprise.

“Dimi, we need to talk,” she said sitting down. He didn’t like the tone of her voice.

“I’m turning in my resignation,” she began.

“No way! I’m not letting you give up your career!” he replied.

“But you’ll give up yours?” she countered.

“In a heartbeat.”

“I’ve been thinking about this. About us. A lot. And this is what I want to do. I’ve been offered to write another book, a textbook specifically. I might even get a professorship at the new college, even.”

“You have given this some thought,” he said after a moment. “I just don’t want you to give up on your dreams.”

“I won’t; you won’t. At the end of the day, I’ll still be an educator, and you’ll still be a politician. We can now be together, out in the open. I hated hiding. It made me feel so… dishonest.”

“Be together? Does that mean…” he hoped.

“Yes… it means… yes.”

“Yes!” Dimitri shouted with glee, as he walked around his desk to embrace her.

Everything was finally coming to together.


  • The title is also from Will You be my Girl? from the Jet.
  • So yay! They’re finally engaged, after many months of constant wants from the two of them.
  • The Academie Society is the Ivy League in my game. I’ve always considered Academie le Tour as an Ivy League school, so I figured that any Academie is a top-notch school. The ‘La Roche’ is literally ‘Rock’, as in Rockport. So now I have announced the name to the new college. 
  • Interesting tidbit: Amelia is the author of two books, about Sim-ET relations not-surprisingly. I can’t think of the titles now, but when I load the game again, I’ll be sure to note them down. 

Town Crier-Fall 3000 Vol. 1

The Office of the Mayor would like the residents of Laurel Crossing to know that appointments to the City Council are currently being made and will be announced soon.

The expected council seats are:

  • Deputy Mayor, Department of Public Services
  • Superintendent, Department of Education
  • Executive Director, Department of Health & Sim Services
  • City Treasurer, Department of City Treasury
  • City Supreme Court Judge, Department of Law & Justice
  • City Secretary, Department of Archives

All other appointments will be announced when available.