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Winter 3003: Underwood Household
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Jeffrey is 37, Britney is 34, Sarai Richward is 11, Courtney is 1. Also Victoria Juarez is 34.

narrated by Britney

As the summer approaches, I can’t believe that my little Sarai will become a teen. It had just been just the two of us for a long time (along with my mother helping out), before Jeff came along and changed our lives for the better. She’s so bright and mature for her age, she’s taking to being a big sister really well, helping Courtney earn her skills. Continue reading

Circle of Life: Spring 3002 Birthdays

It’s time for little Courtney Underwood’s birthday! The party was only immediate family.

Happy birthday, Courtney!


  • So Courtney’s features were a surprise. I have no idea who she looks like. She favors neither Britney or Jeffrey, not even any other Richward (Doris, Donna or Cora).
  • But she does have genetic freckles and look at those chubby cheeks!