Playable NPCs

This page will list my current playable NPCs, as I remember to update them.

Devon Summerfield teaches the older grades at Laurel Grove Primary and married Heather (nee Fox) September 3004. Heather is also the cousin of the late Amelia Meade. She moved to Laurel Crossing after her cousin’s death, as she inherited her cousin’s condo, which she sold. Still saving for a new house, they are currently renting a townhome.

Nigel and Allison Hoyt are recent transplants to Laurel Crossing- Allison from Twikki Island and Nigel from Rockport. Nigel is also an Arcturian-Sim Hybrid. He teaches all physical sciences and alien studies classes at Laurel Hills Secondary school. They have just had their first child, a girl named Ivy in July 3004.

Illiana Greer is the superintendent for the LC and serves as principal at both the primary and secondary schools. Husband Harold is an astrophysicist. They have triplets, Autumn, Summer and Winter, who have just graduated high school. The girls will be attending URock and Winter will be attending Meade College.

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