Around Town: Tyler Household

I am really lazy when it comes to building so I try my best to find something in the lot catalog. But I couldn’t find anything big enough for Deidre, Corey and the kids on a small lot (I try to limit lots over 3×3). With their combined worth, they are well off but neither struck me has have a lavish home, so I decided to try my luck in building them a house.

So here is the location of the newly created Tyler family, 611 Fir Rock Lane.

It is on a 2×3 lot and has plenty of space for this growing family.

I built it from a real house plan of this house (click the picture for the full details). I love the Craftsman style and I wish I could find CC Craftsman build objects, or at least recolors of the existing base game columns.

It doesn’t have an exceptionally large front porch but it is cozy enough for a nice bench to relax.

Walking in there is a huge front hall. No more traffic jams to the stairs. The study is the first room on the left, the dining room is the second and (even though you cannot tell in this picture) the powder room is on the right.

With Corey being a law professor at URock, it was must to have a home office.

It is very roomy with built-in cabinetry and bookshelves, that I forgot to fill in apparently. I’ll get that fixed by their next update.

A quick look at the powder room.

Next to the study and across from the half bath is the formal dining room. With a family of five I made sure to have enough room for a long table, with enough room to spare to seat up to eight.

The end of the hall leads to the great room.

With two walls of windows, this living room offers an ample amount of natural light.

It scores plenty of seating for a family movie night.

The kitchen offers great amount of storage and more than enough room for Dee to make her culinary masterpieces.

It is also open concept, overlooking the family room to keep her eagle eyes on the girls.

Next to the kitchen is a breakfast nook, but with the way the game programs Sims to seat down and eat, I know they will eat here than in the formal dining room. I’d rather them at the large dinner table, so I’m not going to make this a true breakfast nook. I haven’t decided what to make this space yet, but I’m sure it’ll come to me.

Leading out from the breakfast nook is one of the rear two covered porches, which features a built-in grill.

In-between the porch and the kitchen is a space I have earmarked as a sunroom. I really want it to be like an outdoor living space attached to an outdoor kitchen space (grill area), but I haven’t figured out how I will do it though. So let’s just call it storage space for now.

Returning to the stairs is the door leading to the garage.

Nothing really spectacular. I’m not sure yet if it will be functional. This house has a short driveway, so this is just the extension piece. I’m not sure if using the car will work without the driveway.

The upstairs features another spacious hallway. Again, no traffic jams.

On the front end of the upstairs is the main bathroom. I can already foresee three teenage girls fighting for the use of the mirror.

The front bedroom will be Nichole’s. I didn’t furnish it yet, as the girls have their current furniture in their inventories before they move out.

Alicia will get the next bedroom. As you can see, it is the same size and layout.

And here is Lauren’s room. Hers is slightly smaller, but she’s six years old, so I doubt she minds… yet.

The other end of the floor is the master suite.

I just love the space, much like how I would want mine.

And here’s the ensuite. It is narrow but I love the coziness.

The second back porch.

Another view of the outdoor kitchen. The soon-to-be sunroom is on the other side of the wall.

Shot of the backyard.

Aerial view of the back of the house.

And this ends the tour. I ended up putting the house numbers to finish off the look. The landscaping needs work though.


  • I am completely wiped out from furnishing and decorating this house! And I’m not even done. After moving them in, the girls’ rooms need to be finished and I’m sure I need to finish up the clutter in the rest of the house, not just the study.
  • The front looks very close to the original but this house turned out to be bigger than I expected. I prefer to play on smaller lots and this house took up most of the 2×3 lot. There’s hardly a backyard. But it’s large enough to not have to move if Dee and Corey wants to have more children, which is likely. Dee is still young, only 30 and probably wants to try for a son next time around. Corey is 37 and definitely ready to settle down. 
  • Thanks for viewing!

8 thoughts on “Around Town: Tyler Household

  1. This looks fabulous!! It is SO playable and looks just like the picture you were going from, plus the insides all look so professionally decorated. Those bookshelves in the study look great. I agree that the game will just have them eat at the breakfast nook, if you put a table there; that’s always a consideration to me when I build and decorate. I look forward to seeing it in use, in updates, after the girls’ furniture is all set up.

  2. It’s looking really great! I love the bright colours you have picked out for the walls in the girls’ rooms. Don’t quote me but I’m almost positive you can use cars without the driveway piece and with just the extension. You’d need move_objects on, of course, but I think the only issue with it is you don’t get the animation of the sim pulling out of the driveway – the car just teleports to the street, a la TS3.

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