Around Town: Landgraab Hall

I haven’t been doing much playtime with the household lately; I’ve been on a build-mode binge. I needed more buildings for University of Rockport, besides dorms, so I created some academic buildings. First up, Landgraab Hall.

This building houses most of the classes offered by URock’s College of Business and Communication, so it’s not a surprise that the building is named after the industrious Landgraab family, whose success in business is legendary.

Another front view.

Commuter students will find the building is accessible by the local transit bus.

Here’s a hallway. I haven’t finished decorating, but it’ll be done by the time I use this building in an university update.

Landgraab Hall does boast its own computer lab.

Students will find that it is fully equipped as well.

Here’s a standard classroom. All classrooms look similar.

I found my wall hangings for college classrooms lacking, so I have been creating my own deco. Once I test them in my game, I’ll upload them. The one above, by the way, is not mine.

The building is located in the center of campus, where the city’s light rail service cuts runs along University Parkway.

Here’s the classroom from the lecturer’s point of view.

And here’s from the student’s view.

I found that I enjoy creating cafeterias, so I added one on the top floor.

Considering the modest size of the building, I made the lunchroom entirely too large, but whatever.

Another view to show how large. Note to self: add more wall deco!

And here’s the kitchen.

I also added a terrace, so students could have a little outside dining. Nothing like breathing in that great city air while eating your meal.

Just a shot of the EAxis hood deco behind the building. I needed something to fill up the center space of the grid. As you can see I tried to use the same walkway floor, but it doesn’t blend well. It doesn’t matter, as there’s no reason for students to be back there anyway.

Just a quick shot of the light rail. Apparently, this deco doesn’t appear when the camera gets to close. I got excited when I managed to get this shot, which also shows the surrounding shops. I just love how there isn’t too much parking. Just like in a real city.

And this night shot concludes the tour of Landgraab Hall. Let me know whatcha think! Thanks for viewing.

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