Better Than You and Me

Summer 3001: Dominic (30), Giovanni (3). Also Arturo (63), Diego (33), & Victoria (31), and Donna (64).
Last update: Fall 3000

It has been nearly nine months since Tamara Townsend had entered his life, and he has enjoyed every minute of it.  He had gotten used to having her around, helping out with Giovanni and for companionship. She helped him handle his grief of losing his wife and raising his daughter. He could never thank her enough for it, except for… Continue reading

Every Which Way But the Right Way

Liam (32), Cora (30), & Adriana (1) Tracy and Marianne Richward (10).

Last update: Fall 2010

Things have calmed down and settled for the Tracy family. Marianne has improved in school, and Adriana is luckily not having the usual tantrums that plague new toddlers. Even Liam had cut back on his hours at the dealership. Now that things were less stressful, Cora couldn’t help but wonder why she was tired all the time. Continue reading

3001 Taxes

The Tax Man Cometh!

Playable total: $177,654
Townies/NPCs total: $3,456,962 (assuming average net worth of $150,561 & 218 T/NPC residents)
Total Taxes Collected: $3,634,617

Highest Net worths:
JuarezDi- $742,440
JuarezDo- $269,420
Meade- $98,529

Lowest Net worths:
Richward (Doris)- $14,628 ($37 refund)
Barnes- $17,557
Tracy- $22,770 ($1,223 refund)


  • It looks like the new tax code proved beneficial to the LC. Because of the new surplus, I will probably only collected once every four years (2 rounds), instead of every two. I’ll see.
  • I was quite shocked to see that Mayor Barnes is the second poorest resident in terms of net worth. I guess I haven’t been playing him enough so he can get payed from the Maxis mayor job.
  • Now that taxes have been collected, the city’s budget will be posted as well.

Round 3001 Census

Deputy Mayor Summer Frazier has just submitted results the first census:

Census will be taken once every four years, at the beginning of every other round.


  • Wow! My population is so skewed toward the female persuasion. Hopefully that will improve by next round.
  • The non-preference sexual orientation is the population of children and younger, as they would not have a sexual preference yet.