young and wild and free, spring 3004

University of Rockport (URock): Spring 3004 semester
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Amanda Wilsonoff is 18. Also Rowena King is 21, Roark King II is 19.

narrated by Amanda

I’m finding myself kinda restless regarding my social life after being at URock for several months.

Rowena is friendly enough, though not so friendly to have an actual friendship.

She’s usually holed up, studying for her MSPAT. I don’t even know why, seeing how she already has pre-admission to the medical school.

Her brother Roark had no problems with his social life.

He always had beauties visiting, especially leaving in the morning.

Rowena is approachable regarding academics, so I decided to try my luck and ask her about improving my social life.

She gave me some good solid ideas, including the university gym. It was ideal, as I was constantly training. She did mention that I actually go to a gym off campus, so I could meet better “potentials”.

I guess she was referring to her fiance, who came from a “respectable family”, according to Rowena.

I met him later that night, keeping him company while Rowena was getting ready. We talked about random things, like the engagement ring he gave her. Me dating came up and he even offered to set me up with one of his friends.

I have a sneaking suspicion that Rowena put him up to that. I would’ve said something, but she only had eyes for her man.

Even though Rowena seemed concerned with making a good match with a “good family”, it appeared that she was really in love. And it was making me sick.


  • Amanda kept rolling wants to go on dates and visit community lots, but keeps having bad interactions with men. It has been quite irritating. So I’m going to follow Rowena’s advice and have her go off campus. Downtownies usually have good jobs, which alludes to her comment.
  • Rowena did graduate but I missed it. The game was  un-paused when I stepped away and when I returned she had graduated. This happened on my old computer, which had this annoying issue where the game crashed if I exited to the neighborhood without saving first. It did ruin her perfect 4.0 GPA because she likely didn’t fill up her meter, but she ended up with a 3.9 GPA. Minuscule I know, but it would irk a perfectionist like her. Oh, and Amanda received a B+, keeping her GPA at 3.3. Roark also received a A+, receiving a 3.8 GPA.
  • She will live either in her own place or one shared with her beau and attend medical school. I think I’ll have her write eight articles (representing the eight semesters of med school) and join the medical career at the Intern level for two years and the Resident level for two to four years before she’s eligible for promotion, depending on her specialty.
  • Thanks for reading!