3001 Taxes

The Tax Man Cometh!

Playable total: $177,654
Townies/NPCs total: $3,456,962 (assuming average net worth of $150,561 & 218 T/NPC residents)
Total Taxes Collected: $3,634,617

Highest Net worths:
JuarezDi- $742,440
JuarezDo- $269,420
Meade- $98,529

Lowest Net worths:
Richward (Doris)- $14,628 ($37 refund)
Barnes- $17,557
Tracy- $22,770 ($1,223 refund)


  • It looks like the new tax code proved beneficial to the LC. Because of the new surplus, I will probably only collected once every four years (2 rounds), instead of every two. I’ll see.
  • I was quite shocked to see that Mayor Barnes is the second poorest resident in terms of net worth. I guess I haven’t been playing him enough so he can get payed from the Maxis mayor job.
  • Now that taxes have been collected, the city’s budget will be posted as well.

2 thoughts on “3001 Taxes

  1. Wow, you have some rich sims!! My “rich” sims look impoverished compared to your JuarezDi!

    Poor Mayor, making no money, and doing all the work for the city.

  2. Well, JuarezDi has Arturo, Diego and Victoria so they would have more money than Dominic. They even have more money than that, since all Juarez children (Giovanni included) have a sizable trust fund. The Juarez’s are my resident rich family. No other household’s net worth are more than $100K. I may even have them donate $$ to the new university to help get rid of all that excess money, a third of rich is from the investing benefit from money sims (Diego’s & Arturo’s). They get an average of $50,000 on positive returns; the largest was over $100K!

    Don’t feel sorry for Dimitri; he’ll get his payback soon. After playing him for a spell, he’s got his paychecks. I’ll have to get a watch out for that, as to not put him in the poor house.

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