3005 Taxes

The Tax Man Cometh!

Playable total: $175,933
Townies/NPCs total: $9,550,158 (assuming average net worth of $146,473 & 587 T/NPC residents, after deductions)
Total Taxes Collected: $9,726,091

Highest Net worths:
JuarezDo- $ 436,293
JuarezDi- $ 251,093
Tyler- $ 221,060

Lowest Net worths:
Richward- $ 18,833
Underwood- $ 30,147 ($1,485 refund)
Fontaine- $ 63,276


  • The total amount of taxes grew as I have much more townies and NPCs than I did five years ago. As nearly $10 million is more than enough to sustain the hood, Mayor Barnes has granted a temporary stay on resident taxes. Taxes and fees for commercial lots remain in effect and the tax abatements will cease.
  • Unsurprisingly, the Juarez family are still the most wealthy residents in the LC. Their net worth did decrease due to funding trusts for the children. The surprise did come with the Tyler family, with the worth coming from Deidre’s divorce settlement and Corey Tyler’s incoming funds.
  • The Underwood’s are definitely the poorest family with children. In fact, having children prevented them from paying taxes at all. They were the only ones with a refund, which they need. Doris and Vyn are elders living on a fixed income but I need to get them out of that apartment. The rent is too steep.
  • Dominic and Tamara had the highest tax bill, totaling just under $62,000! Wow!
  • Thanks for reading.

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