SPAT, Revisited

As I am playing the Tracy family for their upcoming update, I realized that Marianne Richward is 16. Sixteen?! I can’t believe she’s that old, a junior in high school and almost to university. Since she is my oldest playable teen, she is officially the first playable to attend a RMA (Rockport Metropolitan area) school. All current students are PNPCs and an out-of-area student from Apple Valley.

As I was reviewing her stats to make sure that she would have the necessary requirements for entry, I realized that my current guidelines were incredibly basic. I don’t have a scale to measure to, especially since Meade College is an Academie Society school (my equivalent to the U.S.’s Ivy League) and would have stronger requirements than the University of Rockport (URock). So I have decided to rework how the college entrance score, the Scholastic Performance Assessment Test, or the SPAT, much like Starr did for Apple Valley.

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