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October 3006: Tyler Household
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Corey Tyler is 38, Deidre is 31, Nichole Faithbucks is 11, Alicia is 9, Lauren is 7. Also Trent Faulkner is 36, Quinn is 33, Austin and Chase are 5, Dakota is 3, Illiana Greer is 45.

narrated by Dee

It’s taken a year but I think we’ve finally addressed Alicia’s social issues, great thanks to her talents in music. The split between her father and I caused her to become introverted and when I remarried she became unusually clingy with Blake. But after a year in piano lessons and added lessons in other instruments, it was apparent that she was becoming a virtuoso and allowed her to finally open up to everyone, including Corey.

In addition to piano, she is also learning how to play the violin. She wants to also learn guitar but I held off on fulfilling that want. Alicia is only nine and I don’t want to overwhelm her. Plus, I think she’s a bit too young for a guitar anyway.

Corey, ever encouraging, disagrees; he doesn’t think she’s too young. He knows that I am holding off mainly because her burgeoning interest in music is very time-consuming. And with Corey signing her up for voice lessons on top of everything else, Saturdays now start early in our household. I never realized that Alicia could be an early bird on the weekends until now.

I am not going to complain though, as music is the reason for Alicia coming out of her shell. She’s much more amiable with everyone, especially with Nichole, which is no small feat, as Nicky is almost a teen and is already showing signs of teenage mood swings.

Al even went further and had the terrific idea of inviting her cousins over for a cookout. With both of our households busy with careers and school and extracurricular activities, it had been a good while since we all hung out.

Even though Quinn is no longer my sister-in-law, we are still very close. It had been ages since we hung out so we jumped at the chance to get together, even though it was spur-of-the-moment.

I must admit it felt good having a packed house, with kids running around inside and outside. It was oddly relaxing, in comparison to the blur we normally have in our regular routines during the week.

The fellas fired up the grill, while Quinn and I caught up and the kids making good use of the jungle gym we installed in the backyard. Of course, girl talk eventually turned into our respective teaching careers. Quinn has taught her nieces and now teaching her own kids. I was about to be in her boat soon, while Nichole starting high school next year. Admittedly, the thought makes me a bit uneasy, as I am not sure how I could deal with being her teacher at school and parent at home, but Quinn managed okay as far as I could see.

The following week coincidentally had Superintendent Greer coming by for a visit. Well, more like she was taking a walk around the block and I greeted and invited her in for some tea. We are next door neighbors after all.

We’ve never really interacted outside of work before, but we ended up having a great visit. She’s so serious at work, and it was nice to see the more social side of her.

But what was more surprising was her asking if I was considering continuing my education.

I never once thought about going to graduate school. It took me years to finish my degree and am finally settling into my career as a high school teacher.

Ever the advocate for education, Mrs. Greer suggested that I should at least consider going for my masters. Not only would it help in furthering my career, but also set a good example for my girls.

Who she absolutely adores. She had nothing but good things to say about them when she stayed for dinner. I thought it would weird to have my boss over for a social call but she turned out to be very nice and vowed to invite her and her husband over more often.

I did confide in Corey on my conversation with Mrs. Greer about enrolling in graduate school. I was so happy and relieved that I finally finished my degree so I can get a job to support my girls. And after successfully starting my teaching career and marrying again, I had been thinking that Corey would be ready to entertain having kids of his own.

To my surprise, he thought getting my graduate degree was a great idea. He was in no rush to have kids at the moment. Raising three girls was hard work as it was and he was enjoying being stepdad for the time being. Now would be the ideal time for continuing my education.


  • The title is from Love Don’t Change by Jeremih.
  • So 3006 has been a good year for the Tyler household. Alicia is a little more sociable with people after getting that piano. She’s very high in creativity and has maxed her music hobby, constantly in the zone. Even though she continues to want to call Blake every day, she has finally opened up to Corey and now have a decent relationship with him. Also, she was a bit of a lurker the entire play session. She was constantly lurking around everyone.
  • Alicia did have the want to invite one of her cousins over, so I took the opportunity to teleport everyone in. Quinn and Dee are close but I haven’t been maintaining their relationship like I should. Plus, I needed to be sure the girls “met” every cousin. I will say this though: never do a family reunion type visit at night. Once six pm hit, the boys left and Trent took Dakota home as “it was past her bedtime”. 
  • Illiana did do a walkby so I directed Dee to invite her in. It was good to boost their relationship anyway, as they hardly interact with each other at school. But it surprised me that their topic Dee’s memory of graduating college and I got the idea that maybe Illiana suggested she go for a master’s degree. Although Illiana has years before retirement, I need to start looking ahead for her replacement. Anything can happen within the next twenty years.
  • I think I will have Dee go for her masters. Neither Corey nor Dee has rolled any wants for children, which surprises me as Dee is a family sim. But Dee is barely into her thirties; they have plenty of time. I would like to see a son out of them.
  • Speaking of children, Illiana had the nerve to have this in her wantsUmm, excuse me lady. You’re nearly fifty with three kids in college. You need to be looking forward to grandchildren. I guess being around the Faithbucks girls does that to ya!
  • Thanks for reading!

3 thoughts on “if it works

  1. Yes, I want them to have a son too! While reading, I kept thinking how sweet it would be if they had a son. I can just imagine the girls doting on a little brother, teaching him how to talk, and playing hide and seek with him. ❤

    I do like the idea of her taking care of herself first though. Masters sounds great! I have Oliver doing just that, because unlike Mrs. Greer, my principal is ready to retire and has no replacement.

    I can see why Illiana wanted a baby though, those Faithbucks girls are SO adorable! I'm so glad that Alicia is doing better and found her outlet with music. Creative outlets seem to be a great way to open up and deal with problems as well. I'm glad that she is opening up to Corey as well, but still keeping that relationship with her Father, even if he was a lousy husband to Dee.

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