the well oiled machine that will take you places

September 3006: Tracy household
last update/next update
Liam is 37, Cora is 34, Adriana is 7, Jordan is 5, Harper is 2, Marianne Richward is 16. Also Austin Faulkner is 5.

narrated by Cora.

Another fall season has arrived and our household is now getting back to our normal routine now that school is back in session. With the majority of our kids in school, I am seeing how much time has gone by.

I can’t believe it but Harper is two years old! We’ve been working on walking and she’s just about got it. Once she gets a handle on the potty training, she’ll be on her way to preschool, and I’ll be able to return to full-time hours at the realty office with Liam. Right now, I take care of Harper until Marianne gets home from school, who babysits until Liam and I return from the office.

Living the life as a SAHM has been okay. Not that I’ve seen life my life as a career woman anyway, but I’ve never saw myself as one of those suburban soccer mom, baking cookies and participating on the PTA either. But having a job gives me a purpose outside the household or else I’d go stir crazy. I am just glad that our children turned out normal and well-adjusted.

Jordan has adjusted to kindergarten pretty well. He’s constantly bringing over new friends, but so far his favorite is one of the Faulkner twins, Austin I think. I can never remember who’s who, other than when Jordan is constantly complaining how messy Austin leaves his room when he returns home. I tell Jordan to have his friends to respect his room more, but he’s just too nice to do so. In either case, his big sister Marianne helps him clean it before Liam and I get home.

Liam and I are both very proud of Marianne turning her life around over the past year. She’s still her outgoing, playful self, but she is no longer making poor choices that end up getting herself into trouble.

Every morning before school, she ensures they get up on time and eat breakfast, which allows me to sleep in a bit longer before Harper wakes for the day, and Liam to get ready for the office.

Which means she has to get up early before anyone else in the house. I know that as a teenager that is incredibly hard to do.

But she has managed a system that works for her. When she gets home from school and I head out for work, she takes the time to finish her homework before Adriana and Jordan get home from school. She helps them with their homework and then she proceeds to have the three of them do their chores.

I never know how she manages to do it all before we get home, until Jordan confided that she makes “awesome snacks” while we’re away. I’m tempted to question Marianne what kind of snacks she’s allowing them, but if homework and chores are done and they still eat their dinner that night, there’s no use of rocking the boat, Liam advised.

I totally agree. Marianne does keep the household going while we’re out, which is even more apparent when Liam takes over whenever he ends his work day early. One time, Jordan asked if he could play fetch with the dogs. Being preocuppied with Harper he said yes, only to see Jordan playing fetch indoors.

Marianne laughed Liam out the door with Jordan and offered to watch Harper while they played outside, even though technically she had already fulfilled her babysitting duties of the day.

As much improvement Marianne has shown, a part of me is still cautious about her reverting back to her bad habits, so every once in a while I check her room and her computer.

But I end up feeling incredibly stupid and guilty for doing so, because there is nothing out of the ordinary. After several months of doing this, Liam and I decided that Marianne has earned our trust back.

As a reward, Liam had offered to allow her to bring her friends on a weekend to our beach house, with me chaperoning. Marianne was super excited to have a girls weekend at the beach. We even decided to begin paying her by the hour for babysitting. She surprised us when she refused, but that just made Liam decide to put the money in her bank account anyway. Marianne soon had a change of heart once she realized how much her babysitting money she earned, in addition to her allowance.

As it stands I am very thankful to live a good life. Ten years ago, I was a young, single mother living with my also single-mother cousin and both of our mothers. Now, I have a happy, healthy family and about to send my oldest to university. Geesh, am I really that old?


  • The title is from Well Oiled Machine by Ivens.
  • So every thing is going well in the Tracy household. Marianne is no longer acting out, although she continues to rolls wants to sneak out with townie Jeffrey, but I chock that up to her popularity aspiration. Besides, she wouldn’t hang out with him in any other circumstances anyway. He’s not really a creep, but he tries to mack on every female teen he comes across. I don’t see him with any playable teen so he’s going to age into the adult townie pool upon graduation.
  • Cora was a stay at home mom for a long time, but with Marianne being on house arrest and academic probation at home, Marianne became the nanny in a sense, so I had Cora join the real estate career, joining Liam at the office, once Jordan started school. So, technically there is a nanny that comes but only for a few hours until Marianne comes home from school and dismisses her. Marianne does run the household, taking care of Harper and making sure homework and chores are done, but she doesn’t complain about it at all.
  • What hasn’t changed, however, is that Liam and Cora still woohoo like rabbits. Neither are neat enough for birth control, and since they are still so young, pregnancy is likely. I feel their family is complete, so I keep an extra eye on them when I play. No hanky panky. Or maybe, I should just break my rule this time and give them both the snip.
  • Thanks for reading!


One thought on “the well oiled machine that will take you places

  1. I’d give them the snip if you feel their family is complete. I can see why you would think that too. Harper seems like the perfect ending to this sweet family. I roll to see how many more years before the snip is done, because it is something that people tend to procrastinate. And I allow it for any sim that I believe would have it done. Emma and Chris Holmes did it, because she sure as heck didn’t want more kids, and they aren’t allowed birth control ether. When I rolled for them, it was like 4 or 6 more years, so there was a risk for another baby, but it didn’t happen thankfully.

    It’s so nice seeing Marianne contributing to her family, and being an active member in it. She’s so sweet caring for Harper and making snacks. She’s really come along way, and I can’t wait to see the weekend away with her Mom chaperoning! That is such a fun idea!!

    Harper is such a cutie-pie! ❤

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