Author’s Note: 7/22/2016

Hello everyone! I apologize for the lack of updates. RL has been busy and I am still having difficulties with the hood. I am still crashing whenever I attempt to place new lots. The hood is six years old and I think it’s time is near.

Any free time with playing has been taken up with rebuilding the hood, before the original blows up and I lose everything. Since I’m building from scratch, it will be a while until the next updates.

I will continue to lurk around the community, as right now that’s all I can do at the moment. I haven’t even been able to boot up the game in six weeks. I hope every one is well and don’t you… forget about me… LOL

3 thoughts on “Author’s Note: 7/22/2016

  1. I understand about hood crashing. I try to have my sims extracted and buildings backed up so at least rebuilding goes faster. I’ve rebuilt quite a lot actually, lol. RL happening always gets in the way of simming, doesn’t it understand we have simming to do, lol! Thank care of yourself and we won’t… forget about you 🙂

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