we had to learn how to deal

August 3006: Barnes Household
last update/next update
Dimitri Barnes is 31, Addie is 26, Zac is 1.

narrated by Addie

Zac once saw Dimitri use the restroom, so he has been really anxious to learn how to use the potty like a big boy.

It’s taken a couple of weeks but he’s making some progress. He doesn’t like the feeling of wet underpants, so he’s really making an effort to learn when to go.

He’s growing like a weed so I am enjoying as much time as I can when I’m not working. The commute to and from work is really time-consuming. Even if I’m riding the train into the city, it is still almost an hour ride into Rockport.

The clinic I work for often times gives me late appointments, late enough that I’m barely in time to tuck Zac into bed.

Dimitri is in a similar situation as I am. Running Laurel Crossing is not a small task, especially since it continues to grow every year. He works long hours at city hall, sometimes bringing his work home with him.

Lately his workload has been increasing. The city is in the process of building a medical center, after delays in the zoning process. However, the biggest item on his plate has been trying to get affordable housing in town. The builders that the deputy mayor secured to build new apartments and single-family homes ended entering bankruptcy.

Dimitri is now trying to secure a contract with Juarez Developments, having used them in the past with no problems. Because Deputy Mayor Frazier chose the previous company with the cut rate, the city’s negotiating power was limited, having to find a replacement rather quickly.

It took some bargaining but Dimitri was able to secure the contract. This ended up delaying the housing project for another six months. Dimitri would wonder if the delay was the real intention of Frazier but he didn’t really believe that she was trying to sabotage his term as mayor, even if the election was a year away. Given with my limited interactions with her, I am not so sure.

With my late schedule, I have been wondering more and more often about leaving the clinic and just go into private practice. I feel like I am missing out on too much time with Zac on his beginning years.

Enter a caption

But opening my own practice would be too, well, impractical. Trying to run my own practice would not improve my time at home with Zac. We’re not going to make any changes right now, other than to fight for more work-life balance.


  • The title is from Fast in my Car by Paramore.
  • Zac is so cute. I was wanna eat his little chubby cheeks up! It’s no wonder Dimitri and Addie keep fighting over who will hold him. Honestly, the first thing they do when they come home from work is race to the nursery. As soon as one puts Zac down, the other will pick him back up.
  • Nothing really happened with this update, other than the constantly loving on Zac. Summer Frazier (a townie who’s the deputy mayor) called up Dimitri, who kept having negative reactions, even though they mainly talked about work and politics. I am not sure if Summer intentionally sabotaged the project for affordable housing, but I have to blame someone for my procrastination lol. Besides, she’s an elitist and I would see here sneering at the thought of increasing the working class population. But we need it. The LC does not have enough starter homes and the available apartments (that are not buggy) are mostly out of reach for low-income families or new Sims starting out.
  • As I mentioned on N99, I cannot place new lots in the LC without it crashing the game. I have checked for mod conflicts, adding a new suburb, etc. to no avail. It only occurs in this hood. It is possible that I have reached some kind of limit on placed lots, but I am reconstructing this hood (3.0) before it completely corrupts and blows up in my face.
  • My goal is to build the lots in the new hood, before election time, in fall of 3007, which is a year away. It’ll soon be time to begin the campaigns so I need to get a move on. Thanks for reading!

3 thoughts on “we had to learn how to deal

  1. Bummer on not being able to place lots, I didn’t realize you hadn’t remedied that. I don’t know how many lots you have or if there is a limit, but I have a load of lots placed.

    Zac is adorable, and the hours are unfortunate. But she’s right on opening a clinic, and how that wouldn’t give her more time. That’d be more stress and time needed. Affordable housing, I hear that a lot in my neck of the woods, people are really pushing for it. I hope that he’s able to help the people of LC get that.

    1. It wasn’t until I wanted to move Doris and Vyn out of their apartment, that I realized that there wasn’t any single family homes that they could afford. Vyn delayed her retirement so they can build up their funds enough for a new house and to also comfortably retire on. Plus, Jeff and Brit Underwood is also my poorest family, even though they have middle-class careers. I thought it was due to them being at the top of their careers and not getting any more promotion bonuses, but it’s really because they are house poor. They had steep mortgage payments on their current home, which they quickly bought after their buggy first home. They’ve finally paid off their mortgage but things are still tight. Their oldest daughter is only a few years away from an expensive university education, and they’ll still need to save for the likely expensive education for their two youngest daughters as well. I’m hoping they’ll don’t gain too much wealth until after Sarai wins the Excellence award.

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