a long way to making it right

June 3006: JuarezArt Household
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Arturo is 69, Donna is 70. Also Addie Barnes is 27.

narrated by Donna

Artie and I have been hiding a terrible secret. I didn’t think it was a big deal, at first. But after getting into playing cards with our friends, I found myself spiraling out of control with an addiction to gambling.

At first it was harmless poker websites, but once I won $500 on a free bet, something ignited in me. I used my winnings to place more bets here and there and soon I was on a streak. I won a little here and there, won a lot. I also lost a little… and a lot.

But being the man Artie is, of course he caught on and confronted me about it. I didn’t realize it at first, but I was an addict. And like an addict I denied I had the problem. I could only deny so much. So we disbanded our poker days with our friends, swore off the gambling sites.

But tried as I might, the lure was proving to be too much, and I had to admit I had a problem. Thankfully, I hadn’t pushed Artie away and he was there, willing to help me.

I’ve been seeing a therapist, Addie Barnes, for several months now. I was very resistant at first, but she has this way of being very calming. Not one did she ever feel judgmental.

Recovery was difficult. Nothing was sacred in therapy. We talked about everything, about everyone.

It has been a long year but I am at least getting to a point where I wasn’t going to go crazy. The meetings are now bearable, feeling better than I did going in.

Although I have made great progress, I still have ways to go with gaining Artie’s trust again.

I haven’t lost his love, however. Good thing too. I still have some fixing to do, and I’ll spend the rest of my life making it up to him.


  • The title is from Recovery by Frank Turner.
  • Donna was the one who rolled the REHAB ROS. I struggled to find an addition for her. In RL, the most common for elders is substance abuse, but I just couldn’t see her abusing drugs. I remembered how Donna and Arturo liked to play that poker table, so I decided on gambling. There is no room for a poker table in their condo, so Donna has been fulfilling her gaming hobby by playing online (ie. gambling websites).
  • So Donna entered therapy, and Addie is the only playable who is in the counseling psychology career. As far as the ROS is concerned, she has completed the anger management skill and is near finished with the lifetime happiness career. I did re-roll her LTW and she wants to have 10 dream dates. So I’m guessing that she wants to make amends and repair her marriage.
  • How many of you saw this coming?? Thanks for reading!


One thought on “a long way to making it right

  1. Nice choice for her, gambling is a big addiction, one that I see often where my sister lives with a casino… and SO fitting for sims too. That poker table is really addictive, along with the bubble blower. Which I couldn’t see her getting too into (though I’m sure her sim-self would!). Nice to see her rolling wants that show that she’s working towards bettering herself and relations.

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