Circle of Life, Summer 3006

It’s birthday time!

PNPCs Devon and Heather Summerfield had a smooth delivery and welcomed a boy, Pen Issac. He has his father’s blue eyes, his mother’s brown hair and a even coloring. Welcome to world, Pen!

Jeffrey and Britney Underwood‘s daughter Courtney has turned five this year. As expected, she is as studious as her big sister Sarai. Incredibly shy, her nose is always in a book and her favorite past time is to bombard her parents and big sis with questions about everything. She is anxiously counting down the summer days until she gets to begin kindergarten.

The Faulkner twins are also entering childhood this year. Austin hates that he gets confused for his twin, especially since he’s a bit more subdued than his boisterous brother. He also wishes that he didn’t have to share a room either, as Chase is way neater than he is. Who cares if dirty laundry doesn’t quite make it to the hamper anyway?

Chase cares though, as he’s the one who’s constantly picking up after his brother. But he’s much too nice to gripe at this brother either way.

Thankfully they get along pretty well, even though they are polar opposites in many ways. Although they’re looking forward to starting school, they are not excited that their teacher will be their mom. Isn’t there a rule about that anyway? It should.

Eva Fontaine has turned five and is already very spirited. Quick to attract an audience to show off her dancing skills or singing ability, Genesis has no idea where she got her drama queendom from. If Eva’s current personality is any indication, Genesis is not looking forward to her teen years at all.

Jordan Tracy at five years old is the sweetest little boy one would ever meet. He keeps his room extra tidy, a feat considering how much he complains about doing any chores. But he does play well with others, always willing to share his toys and have great manners to others.

Townies Artemis Greene and Devon Royale are the new graduates from Laurel Hills high school. According to Artemis, she is done with school. Ready to begin her career as an artist, she is moving to Rockport, already putting a deposit on a small, studio apartment near the URock campus. To pay for the bills until her art can, she will be working as a barista in the campus bookstore. Devon managed to score a moderate financial aid package to Vanguard School of the Arts. To pay for the difference after financial aid and his parent contribution, he will work as a computer lab assistant on campus. Hopefully, he’ll score a RA position when he starts his sophomore year, so he’ll have room and board set.

Finally, Roark King II has graduated University of Rockport with a bachelor’s degree in business management (Economics) with a 3.6 GPA. His parents are not particularly impressed with him not graduating with honors, as they are Kings after all. They should excel with every endeavor. They are expecting him to exceed his previous academic performance during his master’s program. He has moved into a high rise condo near the corporate headquarters of his father’s company, SIM Enterprises, where he has an executive internship during the summer.


  • A lot of birthdays to child this year, five to be exact. No teens this year, but Nichole and Santiago along with their townie friend Chaz Weber will turn twelve in 3007.
  • It’ll be exciting to see their personalities to develop. Austin and Chase have polarizing personalities. Austin is sloppy and serious, but is very active and moderately outgoing. Chase, on the other hand, is super neat, super outgoing and super nice but rather lazy. I do believe they even each other out, but that could easily change as they get older. Eva and Jordan also have extreme personalities. Eva is super neat and outgoing, moderately active but serious and could be nicer. Jordan is super neat, playful and nice, but is incredibly shy and lazy. I’ve always thought that niceness & playfulness, and neatness & activity went hand-in-hand with each other, so it’ll be fun to see their extreme personalities manifest. It will be incredibly difficult to assign their future aspirations based on Apple Valley’s guidelines though, so they may even change aspirations in college to fit their personalities.
  • I wouldn’t normally highlight townies’ graduation, but because Artemis and Devon were highlighted in previous updates, I didn’t want them to fade away into the townie pool obscurity without mentioning their life paths. I expect Artemis to be never featured again, but we may see Devon around URock, especially if he becomes a dormie. And unless they date, marry or knock up a playable, I don’t expect to see them again. Roark II may be mentioned from time to time, as part of my resident wealthy family. But again, don’t expect to see him featured in the foreseeable future.
  • Thanks for viewing!

2 thoughts on “Circle of Life, Summer 3006

  1. I’m glad you included Artemis and Devon, when townies have been included in updates, it is nice to see what they age up to and where they are off as well! This was a great birthday post, I’m not even sure which is Austin or Chase… forgive me boys! They look incredibly identical, how awesome is that!? Eva looks like she has quite an exuberant personality, and will be totally fun to watch grow. Courtney is quite adorable, and how sweet, a baby boy named Pen! I like his unique name, and look forward to seeing him grow up.

    1. Austin wears white, Chase wears red. So far, that is the only way I can keep track lol. And Pen owes his name to Behind the Name. I was like, woah! That’s an fantastic name! He’s a pretty even mix of his parents, so I bet he’ll be adorable. I’m hoping he’ll become playable in the future, if only because of his name lol.

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