behind the ivy covered walls, spring 3006

Meade College: Spring 3006 semester
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Winter Greer is 18.

narrated by Winter Greer

The spring semester is winding down, marking the end of my freshman year at Meade. It almost seems like the semester flew by, but I really shouldn’t be surprised. In addition to my course load, I work part-time in the science department, working as a lab assistant. It makes me a glorified custodian, as I am responsible for keeping the labs clean. It’s incredibly boring but I need the experience for my resume. Unfortunately, it also pays terribly, so I have signed up to be a tutor. It is a lot more lucrative and I only work up to ten hours a week.

It may seem like a lot, with studying full-time with two part-time jobs, but I have seemed to work it out okay. My academic performance hasn’t suffered, I get experience for my future career in science and I get money in my pocket. It is a better use of my time than most; two of my dormmates get into fights constantly. Usually, it’s arguing but the last time, they actually went to blows.

That fiasco resulted in the two being placed on academic probation, while waiting judgement by the student conduct committee. I am not close with either of them, so I am unsure of what started the animosity. I tried to talk some sense into one of them but he was still bullheaded. I don’t think he realizes that he could get kicked out of the dorm, or even school.

Thank the goddess that I generally get along with the rest of my dormmates, which ironically are all female. They have all been open and welcoming from the very beginning, partly because of my unfortunate dumping by my high school sweetheart. They are usually inviting me out to different events and activities around campus, the latest of which I have decided to take up, the Astronomy Club.

I have started to take up with one of them as well, September Ward. I’ve always felt that she was out of my league, being a junior and well… being super hot as well.

It pretty much started when I became her tutor for a science requirement that she had been putting off since her freshman year. As a history major, she wasn’t particularly excited about taking science classes. But she needed the elective to graduate next year, so she bared through it. We spent many nights getting her up to par.

After her passing her midterm, she maintained a successful enough grade to no longer need tutoring. But we still continued to hang out. She was always pulling me into a game of darts, all the while flirting and trash talking at the same time.

One afternoon, I decided to just go for it, and ask her out. I happened to catch her while I was on the way out to my shift at the lab. Imagine my surprise when she didn’t reciprocate like I thought she would.

I was in the friend zone and didn’t even realize it. She gave me the whole spiel about how nice I was, how great of a friend I was but she was not interested in me. In fact, she was already dating someone else and for some time now. She was even expecting an engagement ring any day now.

Yeah that hurt, but luckily not as much as the hurt I felt when I was dumped by Artemis. September apologized for any missed signals. But she was the one doing all of the flirting, was she not? Especially when she needed my help by tutoring. She didn’t have an immediate response to my questions, which solidified by suspicion that she knew exactly what she was doing.

So now I was 0-2 with women, and I was feeling pretty bummed and a little bitter about relationships in general. Old feelings of being used surfaced again; it was Marianne all over again it seemed. So I decided to focus on my education in the end. I only made time for classes and my jobs, and pretty much nixed any extra socializing.

I declined all new invitations and even blew off some old ones as well. Since the Astronomy Club had a great deal of female participants, I avoided the meetings and dodged attempts by Lysette to get me to come back.

Lysette wouldn’t take no for an answer, however. She soon hunted me down and dragged me outside the dorm, where she had set up her own telescope. She had decided to bring the Astronomy Club to me. Over the next hour of stargazing, I became incredibly guilty, as I realized that she was trying to be a good friend and I was too busy being pissy about not getting the girl.

As we were wrapping up, she ended up asking me out for a late cup of coffee. I was still turned off from the prospect of dating, but that’s when she admitted that she had been crushing on me since last semester. She would’ve made her feelings known before but my nose was wide open for September. It turned out that I was chasing the wrong girl after all.


  • I had initially pegged Winter to hook up with Lysette (which is why she has a custom height). She’s smart, pretty and really nice. But he was really hot for this hot redhead dormie that had been flirting with him ever since he moved in, so when I began playing this household I had every intention of hooking Winter up with her . They stay heart farting all over each other. Began imagine my surprise when I realized that this redhead is the same redhead that is among Roark II’s favorites. In fact, it’s between her and the brunette that I can never remember to even write down her name, that will get THE RING. There is no way September will give up the option of becoming betrothed to the most eligible bachelor in Rockport and marrying into the most wealthiest (nonplayable) family, so I decided to not fulfill Winter’s wish this time.
  • Lysette is a dormie but doesn’t live in their dorm. She constantly drops by and calls almost every day to talk to Winter. They get along quite well and are a good match, but I decided to wait to see if he rolled a want for her and he did, sorta. He wished to invite her over, and he had a generic want to go on a date. They haven’t gone on a date yet, but they were getting hot and heavy after the stargazing before I broke it up. Here’s to hoping that this one works out.
  • Oh, and the fighting is all game. Maple Hall is predominately women. There are only two other guys besides Winter and the other two fight constantly. I have no idea why they hate each other, but they cannot be in the same room without throwing down. I’m going to go with it being because of a girl, as there are plenty of guys who are willing to risk being kicked out due to fighting over a girl. I will have to move one of them out though, the fighting is so ridiculous. One of them is pretty popular with the ladies on campus (he has a lot of crushes), so I’m going to keep in and kick out the other.
  • Grades: Physics major, A+ 4.0 GPA. Thanks for reading!

3 thoughts on “behind the ivy covered walls, spring 3006

  1. Poor Winter, as soon as he mentioned having feelings for September, I knew that wasn’t going to end well! I don’t know if she has much chance with Roark, he has some fickle wants, but yeah, Winter had zero chance here. Lysette is pretty though, and likes him! So I’m all for that, and am glad that Winter did allow her into his circle. I would hate for him to become a hermit over two girls spoiling it. I can barely believe he finds time to have a social life with his workload though, he’s quite occupied.

    As for the male dormies, in such a heavily female populated dorm, it makes sense that they fight. Hopefully you can get some peace from it, I have a few that are constantly fighting, and I just want to kick them to the curb. I like the idea of possible expulsion being on the horizon for bad behavior.

    1. Winter surprisingly attracts many of the female dormies. But he is always flirting with September, even though he’s shy. And I only realized who she was just recently and I was so disappointed for him.

      I will have to get one of the guys out. The fighting is so ridiculous, and it ends up ruining my shots. Hopefully he will be replaced by another guy. The female to male ratio is really high.

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