young and wild and free, spring 3006

University of Rockport (URock): Spring 3006 semester
last update/next update
Amanda Wilsonoff is 20. Also Roark King II is 21, Autumn Greer, Summer Greer and Lloyd Wylde are 18.


narrated by Amanda


I cannot believe that I’m almost to my senior year and haven’t taken a spring break trip until now. Wait, yes I can. I just remembered, I’m not what one would call a people person. But with some urging from Autumn, I agreed to go to Takemizu Village for Spring Break with her and her sister, Elliot and Lloyd.


After the trip was booked, Autumn ended up backing out. She felt that she would be the fifth wheel, literally. Even though she was right, it kind of changed my feelings about the whole trip. What initially began as a spring break trip with friends, turned into a couples thing. I understood her reasoning but still felt a tiny bit betrayed and I vowed to get it back. Until, she mentioned that she was going to visit her parents instead. That’s punishment enough in my eyes.


She later told me about her trip, which started off nice enough. Her parents still weren’t thrilled about their daughter wasting her potential by being a model. But at least they weren’t as hostile as they were before.


Her mother did adopt a different approach: passive-aggressiveness. Any positive news regarding her budding career while maintaining a B+ average was met with a lackluster response from her mother. She gave a tepid congratulations but made sure to add in that if she focused 100% on education, she would have an A average.


Although Autumn didn’t react negative (I sure would have), that did put a damper on her visit. She spent the rest of her time with her dad and cut her trip short, deciding to return to campus later that night. She couldn’t make it past day one.


Our trip fared better. The flight was smooth, albeit long and the check in at the hotel was even easier. The first thing Summer and I did was hit up the shops. Lloyd joked that it was a woman’s prerogative and I was not amused. Seriously, I nearly socked him in the arm for that remark. I only wanted to go shopping so I could get a kimono so I could blend with the natives. At least Elliot thought it was a good idea and came shopping with us.


After our exploring we were starving and had some noodle soup that was much better than that microwave crap at the dorms. I had two helpings plus a rice bowl. I had to make a note to myself to work off that extra food when we returned back to campus.


The next morning I slept in but not too long to miss my spa appointment. I had never gone to a spa before, but getting facials, massages and the whole lot made the experience spectacular. I really hit it off with the masseuse, who didn’t turn me off with her incessant chatting. In fact, I was learning a great deal about her craft and how it correlated with health and fitness.


By the end of the week, I was more relaxed than I had ever been. Between sightseeing and the spa, I thought I would be so tired, but after taking several dips into the hot springs made me feel so invigorated. I guess it did have “magic healing powers” as the brochure said.


All in all it was a great trip, and I found myself a bit disappointed that the week ended so quickly. I was not looking forward going back to campus, for the first time ever since coming to Rockport. But I quickly came to my senses. You cannot be on vacation 365 days a year right?


  • So the URock fellows decided to do spring break in Takemizu, inspired by Apple Valley’s future plans for Amanda. Her time in the LC is coming to a close soon, as she will be entering her senior year next semester and heading back to her hometown in the AV. But what are her plans in the future? Will they involve Elliot? You’ll just have to see.
  • I had WAY too many pictures for this update, like 40. But it’s one a.m. in my time zone currently and I am not in the mood to even consider write an update that long. I’ll be posting the rest of the pictures on my Simblr, showing a bit more details in their trip.
  • Which leads me to this: what were Autumn and Roark II doing while the others were on holiday?
  • urock_00079
  • Autumn autonomously befriended Roark. Honestly, I didn’t think she would interact with him on her own. I guess because she was bored. Maybe lonely, as her friend and sister were both gone. Not only that, they have good chemistry. I turn my back for just a minute (I think I was feeding playables) and I come back to them flirting and making out. I am kind of disappointed, as he’s not known to be the committed type.
  • urock_00069
  • His newest squeeze, besides Autumn, is this red hot number, September Ward. Again, with the redheads Roarkie. She was a walkby and has amazing chemistry with him. I think three bolts. In fact, I had already made a note, deciding that she was going to be the one. Until he and Autumn started macking on each other. **Facepalm**
  • havingnoneofthis
  • So the family sim she is, she rolls this want the next morning. No. Nope. Not gonna happen, Autumn. Even if I were to entertain the idea (not evah!!), they wouldn’t be a good match. She’s embarking on the journey of creating her own identity, away from her siblings, away from her parents. If she became a King, she would have her identity tied to being a King and all that entails. No more modeling for you, sorry. She would embarrass the family. She would have an image to uphold, after all. 
  • soindecisive
  • His mind is not even on her. For a money sim, he really loves the ladies. He’s thinking of the top three on his list: September, former fiancee and Amanda’s former dormmate who is his bedroom buddy. Honestly, I think I need to set his secondary to Romance if I haven’t already.
  • makeupyourmind
  • After I am leaning towards September, I decided that I would have Roark decide. Twenty-four hours later, I get this. Gee, way to narrow it down Roarkie. As he also has the fear of being rejected by September, I’m guessing he’s choosing her.  I just suppose he is still on the fence about former fiancee. Afraid he’s missing out? Or maybe, that’s the one his parents intended?? Who knows. Hopefully he’ll get it together soon. 
  • Roark did graduate, earning a final GPA of 3.6. He’s a MBA candidate and as a graduate student I’m kicking him out of the dorms. He’ll be in his own condo, with an internship at the family company. Grades: Roark, Business Management (Economics) A+ 3.6 GPA, Amanda, Physiology (Psychology) B+ 3.4 GPA, Autumn, Sociology (Psychology) A+ 3.6 GPA, Summer, Biology pre-med B+ 3.3 GPA, Lloyd, Engineering (Mathematics) B+ 3.3 GPA. 
  • Oh, and ignore what Roark is wearing on the portrait. I forgot to pose them for the update before I graduated him. I couldn’t get him to change clothes, so he was stuck wearing what he transitioned to. Thanks for reading!


4 thoughts on “young and wild and free, spring 3006

  1. Love the update. It looks like they had a lot of fun and thanks for sharing more photos on tumblr. That’s a nice way to still share the game without writing such a long update 🙂

    Wow, he interested in an Autumn and a September?!?!? LOL!

  2. I didn’t catch what Starr did ether, that is pretty funny! I think Roark is asking for a romance secondary, wow. He is quite interested in the ladies! The spring break was great, and what a fun idea! It’s too bad that Autumn didn’t go on the trip, especially with the visit home being such a drag. Maybe she would have met an exotic native, and had the spring break of her life? It’s been fun seeing Amanda here, looking forward to seeing how her story continues back in AV.

    1. He will definitely be romance secondary, if I haven’t already set it. But if I haven’t, I’ll wait until after he gets married so he won’t get a fear realized.

      I had initially planned on Autumn going with them, but as I was deciding on where they would stay, I realized that she would literally be the fifth wheel. She would be going with two couples and would be the only one without a roommate. And since she’s a family sim, I think it would break her heart a little bit that she didn’t have anyone special at the moment.

      But after the trip to her parents, I’m sure she will decide on another destination next time. I don’t think she realized that she could’ve visited her brother at Meade (I forgot). Hopefully by next spring break, maybe she’ll have a nice modelling gig on a distant location.

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