too school for cool, spring 3006

Laurel Hills High School: Spring 3006 semester
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Principal/Superintendent: Illiana Greer; Teachers: Deidre Tyler, Nigel Hoyt
Students: Sergio Juarez (12), Sarai Richward (14); Marianne Richward, Denise Weber, Janet Weber (15); Jeffrey Michaels (16); Artemis Greene, Devon Royal (17)


Spring 3006


It is the final countdown to graduation for seniors Artemis and Devon. Now that this year’s SPATs were completed, it was now all a waiting game for the results. As Artemis and Devon already passed the minimum score required for graduation in their junior years, they had no worries about this one, especially since Artemis didn’t even want to go to college anyway. Devon was still anxious though, this final score determined how much of a chance he had for getting any financial aid.


He finally gotten his letter for full admission last month to URock. The first person he told, besides his parents, was Mr. Hoyt. He had been working very hard with his teacher to bring up his grades in physics.


Mr. Hoyt always offered extra labs for his students, and he heavily encouraged Devon to utilize them and setting him up with tutoring. Devon knew he wouldn’t have got in without his help. Mr. Hoyt was gracious but still told him that he had to continue his increased effort if he ever wanted to succeed for the rest of the school year and at university.


It was something he always encouraged with all students. His common motto was, “Discipline your mind!” That didn’t make his classes any easier for students typically.


No matter how well liked he was, math was math. Science is science. And both were exceedingly boring.


On the social front, things weren’t getting any better between Marianne and Janet. With Marianne busy with soccer and maintaining her high academics, it didn’t leave much time for them to hang out gossiping and bullying others like they used to. When Marianne offered to hang out at Neverland, Janet begrudgingly accepted before heading off to the next class.


Sergio, looking to increase his social life and get away from his troubles at home, asked if he could be invited as well. Marianne didn’t particularly enjoy the thought of a twelve-year old hanging around. But Neverland was a public place so she ambiguously mentioned that it would be cool to see him around there.


Emboldened, Sergio also got friendly with Devon as well, bonding with him over their shared interest in fitness. At least that earned him an actual invite to hang with him at the teen hangout.


Unfortunately for Sergio, Devon never showed up, at least not before he had to leave for his curfew. Luckily, he was able to still have fun with other teens before heading home.


Janet was also a no-show. Once she found out that Sarai was tagging along with Denise, she bailed. Marianne was disappointed, although she tried to not let it show. Janet may have been her best friend, but Sarai was her cousin for goddess’ sake. They were friendly with each other, at least closer than their own mothers were at their age.


It was apparent that her friendship with Janet was heading for doomsville. Denise, who long wrote Janet off, tried to console her at the best she could. If Janet couldn’t accept the fact that Marianne was friends with different goals then she wasn’t much of a good friend. After all, Sarai and Denise were heading towards university with Marianne, something Janet was very much against doing. If it didn’t happen now, it would’ve happened in the future.


  • Sorry for the huge break in between updates. I began a new job and I took a class over the holidays. Although I love my job working for a school district, I am definitely not feeling working in finance any more, or school for that matter. I’m feeling very discouraged and I feel like I’ve been fighting the idea of actually doing something that I loved, ever since I was twelve, for some time. I really do want to be an author, but I cannot exactly be a starving artist as a single mom. But after doing some much thinking, meditating and praying, I’ve decided to go for it. I am going to return working on the novel I’ve been working on for forever and look into breaking in writing articles freelance. 
  • I took these pictures months ago, many updates actually but I just didn’t have any time to put them up, or do anything but lurk within the community. Now that I have some free time, I’m going to try to get back to a rhythm of putting up weekly updates.
  • So everyone is on track to graduate and Devon finally raised his grade to a B and got the logic and mechanical skills he needed to get into the program he wanted at Vanguard. So he’ll be joining his best friend Lloyd at URock in the fall. I’ve thought long and hard about upgrading him to PNPC status and I’ve decided not to. He is not tied romantically to any playables and his best friend is a PNPC himself. As a Vanguard student, he’s likely to be assigned to a different dorm anyway, although with Roark II graduating and moving out of the dorm, there is still the possibility of him being the dormie that replaces him. Either way, I’m going to have him in the dormie pool and call it a day.
  • I’m feeling that Marianne’s friendship with Janet is a lost cause. Once Marianne began focusing on school work, they don’t get along like they used to. They are having negative reactions when talking, and when Marianne did an outing to the teen hangout, she was the only one that didn’t show up. That surprised me. They are still best friends in the game and none of their relationship meters were in the negative, so I’m not sure why she didn’t show up. Denise distanced herself from Janet long ago, when they began high school. Once Denise aged to teen and became a money sim, her wants were steadily for going to university, getting good grades and getting a good job, whereas Janet’s were to flirt, date and party (and get Marianne into trouble). Denise hung out with Sarai more often once she started high school. Marianne got closer to her cousin when she was grounded for several months, as she couldn’t hang out and the only social calls she had was being with family. I suppose it was only a matter of time that the two amigos would outgrow the third. With Janet having no desire to go to university, she will likely fade into obscurity after high school… unless she ends up with a playable of course.
  • Thanks for reading!




2 thoughts on “too school for cool, spring 3006

  1. Good luck with your writing! Definitely sounds like a solid plan, you can definitely write in free time, and get that ball rolling. ❤ That's interesting about Marianne and Janet, sounds like they are naturally going their different ways. Yay for Devon making it into university. Going to be lots of fun updates with these kids at uni!

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