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April 3006: Richward household
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Doris Richward is 67, Vyn is 61.

Narrated by Vyn

It takes a lot to affect my patience, but we have been increasingly annoyed by our current property management company. Appliances and plumbing kept breaking, but although they are quick with the repairs, it’s gotten to the point that they’re coming back weekly. But once a family of squirrels moved into the empty unit next door after the Tylers left, we’d finally had enough.

At least us moving is giving Doris something to do. If she’s not pressuring me to retire, she’s complaining that she doesn’t have anything to do in her own retirement. I keep telling her she needs a hobby, which she’s not inclined to do. But she balks at my suggestion of finding a part-time job.

With my substantial raise that come with my promotion, we have been really building up our finances over the past two years. We were able to find a small house that was in our same neighborhood, right across the street actually. We got a really good deal on it, thanks to our realor son-in-law Liam.

Even though it’s a small house, it’s definitely more roomy. I absolutely love my roomy kitchen.

But I’m not too impressed with having more space to keep clean, however.

And Doris is definitely not impressed with having more responsibility of doing any repairs ourselves. But that just comes with the territory of home ownership.

A plus side to our new house, though, is still being so close with our neighbors, the Summerfields.

I got really close with Heather after the Tylers moved. Even though we work together, our relationship is almost like mother-daughter.

And with her baby almost due, it’s almost like I’m the one getting a grandbaby. Doris often has to tell me to rein in the overprotectiveness. It’s not a bad thing to provide a support system for your friends, especially when they don’t have any other family.

At least Doris is now keeping up a semblance of a social life. She hangs out with Leo Wilkie, who is Laurel Crossing’s City Supreme Court Judge. They used to be in a poker club with her sister Donna and her husband Arturo, but they abruptly stopped hosting the parties.

But that hasn’t stopped Doris from encouraging me about retiring, especially since we’ve reached our retirement savings goal. But I made a compromise: I promised to retire in a year, as Heather would likely be returning from her maternity leave by then.

That definitely satisfied her, as she know found a new hobby: planning our travels during our retirement.

That kept me satisfied, at least until I received a phone call from Arturo.


  • The title is from Breakaway by Kelly Clarkson.
  • For the first time ever, I enjoyed playing an elder-only household. I moved them to a new house, one of Maisie’s row houses at Millwood, for a couple of reasons. One, they were in an apartment lot that they shared with Alicia and the kids, before she got married and moved away, and with Devon and Heather Summerfield. If I wanted them to live in retirement, they needed to build up their funds and after Doris’s paltry pension and Vyn’s new moderate salary, there wasn’t much more money after rent and bills. They easily afforded the house with money left over and after a week of playtime, they now have healthy household funds, enough to retire on. But Vyn won’t retire until after Heather returns for maternity leave, so I’ll do so once Baby Summerfield is a year old.
  • Another reason is that the apartment lot is bugged. Whenever I played the Richwards, Corey, Alicia and the kids would appear in the empty apartment, subject to motive decay and bathroom accidents, even though they’re moved off the lot. Arturo and Donna had the same issue whenever I played them when they lived in the apartments too. So I decided that the lot was a loss and moved Doris and Vyn out. I plan to replace the lot for another townhome apartment lot and have Devon and Heather move into those. Eventually. As they are PNPCs I’m not in a rush to do so.
  • Doris is pretty bored while Vyn is at work. She’s a Pleasure sim, so her wants are of taking bubble baths, playing on the computer and watching TV. So when judge Leo Wilkie did a walkby, I jumped at the chance of Doris socializing. She needs more friends outside of family anyway.
  • Vyn’s wants, however, were dominated by wanting to interact with Heather. Every. Single. Day. Visit Heather, call Heather, invite Heather over, talk to Heather, etc. Every morning she wakes up with a want to call Heather, which I do after 7 am before she goes to work. But when she gets home, she rolls the wants again lol. I didn’t even realize that she was huge friends with Heather to begin with. They are coworkers in the accounting career (which is a good alternate career to the Business one- try it out) I have. But Vyn is a Family sim, with no children of her own. With Heather not having any family since Amelia died, I guess Vyn has taken on the role of grandmother or godmother. I was tickled that Devon and Heather visited on their own on the Richwards move-in day.
  • Thanks for reading!

4 thoughts on “make a change

  1. I hate it when the apartment lots get buggy, it seems to happen at some point. I usually just bulldoze the lot and place a fresh copy of the same lot 🙂 that was one reason why I built single family home versions of my apartments as well. I’m not sure what the coding is that makes them buggy :/

    I’m super curious about the phone call. Yikes, I hope the update comes soon

  2. Yeah, apartment lots do have a tendency to get buggy after sims have lived in them for a while. 😦 It’s the main reason I generally move sims out of apartments as soon as I can!

    Doris reminds me of my Madelyn, who is very keen for James to retire and is also planning their vacations already, though my Madelyn isn’t retired yet herself.

    Kind of a cliffhanger ending there! Can’t wait to find out what Arturo has to say.

  3. Bummer on the apartment turning buggy, but I’m totally excited that you used one of my lots! ❤ I would love to see a tour of it, perhaps at N99, as you really made it look quite lovely and nicely updated. I think its great that these two are home owners now, when you get to a certain age, you don't really want to rely on a landlord, or have to obey their rules, but I agree, the responsibility isn't the most fun ether. I like the idea of planning for retirement plans, and agree that she really needs a hobby, it is always on the lists, the happiest people have a hobby. I'd agree. Of my friends/family members without hobbies, they are dreadfully bored/unhappy/dissatisfied.

  4. Yes ladies, that was purposely a cliffhanger. Resolution will come with Arturo and Donna’s update.

    Maisie, a lot tour is a good idea. I was particularly patting myself on the back with that kitchen shot lol.

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