slow love

March 3006: Fontaine Household
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Genesis is 25, Eva is 4 1/2. Also Nigel Hoyt is 37, Allison is 33, Ivy is 2.

narrated by Genesis

Life as a single mother continues to be rewarding. Eva remains a very happy, precocious little one, even after the terrible breakup with Christy. She hasn’t asked about her in several months, which helps with my ever ongoing process of getting over what happen. I’m even no longer upset that Christy had drop our family and created a new one. Well, not really.

I just keep busy raising Eva the best I can, and getting her ready for beginning school in the fall. Lately though, she keeps asking for “Beea”, which is her attempt to say Brea’s name.

Brea is still around; she’s been rather patient with me. I know she wants a more committed relationship, but I have just not been ready. I want to do things different this time around. I had such a rushed, whirlwind romance last time, and especially now that I have a child, I want to be extra cautious.

But it was only a matter of time where Brea wore me down and convinced me to introduce me to my friends. Nigel and Allison eagerly accepted the invitation, as they had been wanting to meet the woman who “calmed me down.” Whatever that meant.

Nigel had so many questions, it was almost like an interview. But Brea held her own. She definitely kept their interest with the fact that she owned and ran her own bakery in town.

Or at least that’s what they told me. I was busy feeding Eva and Ivy their dinner and then bringing them into Eva’s nursery to play while we ate.

I rescued Brea by quickly serving dinner. I’m sure Allison knew I was buttering her up by cooking a traditional Twikki Island dish, tropical ribs. I was going to even fib a bit and say that Brea made it, but she made it clear that she was a baker, not a chef.

But there was nothing for me to really worry about. Once I relaxed and stopped worrying about whether my friends liked her, I had a great time.

When the evening was winding down, I did pull Nigel aside to get his opinion of Brea.

Nigel was quick to remind me that I was a smart enough woman to make the decision for myself. But he did say that he liked her, as she seemed more genuine. That make feel so much relieved.

After my friends left, Brea cornered me and jokingly asked how well she did, already knowing how worried I was. I realized then that I really didn’t have anything to worry about. I was holding myself back from moving on. And I made the decision right then and there to be happy.


  • The title is from Slow Love by Mo.
  • Genesis and Brea have been dating for the past year and everything is going well. Brea is “friends” with little Eva, so she’s already won her over. As Brea had the want to meet someone new and Genesis had the want to invite Nigel over, I decided to do a “meet the parents” scenario. Only Genesis is a orphan, so she invited her friends. 
  • I decided that if Brea got along with Nigel and Allison then Genesis will finally enter a committed relationship with Brea. She did and now they are. Genesis is painstakingly reluctant with relationships because of her history of her orphanship (is that even a word?), her bad divorce and her being a pleasure Sim. You cannot get them to roll romantic wants for anything.
  • Eva is one of several toddlers aging to child this year. Wow, and it wasn’t too long ago that the social worker brought her home. Thanks for reading!

3 thoughts on “slow love

  1. Something I just realized when looking over these pictures: she still has her wedding ring on. Really Gen?!

    As Genesis is a pleasure sim, I would think that she would be more impulsive and hookup with Brea already. But I guess she’s a “comfort seeker”. I really really really wanted her and Brea together; I just love her. She’s so pretty and she gets along with everyone so far. I’m so glad Genesis finally let go and took a chance.

  2. Oh man, Eva is going to be a child! Looking forward to seeing her age up, she’s such a gorgeous little tot. I really like how you decided she’d move forward, the meet-the-friends and gaining their approval was a nice touch. I’m glad that it went well, and that they are getting along so well. She really deserves some happiness.

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