Circle of Life: Spring 3006 Birthdays

It’s birthday time!

Heather Summerfield is nearing the end of her pregnancy, and is really getting into prenatal yoga, strengthening her breathing techniques.

Zachary Barnes has reached his first birthday!

Zac is already the apple of his father’s eye.


  • Another short one this time. And Dimitri is so sweet. As soon as he gets home from work, he has his sonĀ in his arms and his wants are filled with interactions with Zac. I think he favors his mother more, but he did inherit his dad’s eyebrows though lol.
  • Thanks for viewing.

5 thoughts on “Circle of Life: Spring 3006 Birthdays

  1. Zac is really adorable, especially that nose and cute grin! And wow impressive on Heather’s part, she’s definitely keeping in shape to pull that move off!

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