a place for my head

March 3005: JuarezDo Household
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Dominic Juarez is 36, Tamara is 30, Giovanni is 9, Arthur is 3. Also Diego is 39, Victoria is 37.

narrated by Dominic

There have been some changes within the Juarez family lately. My brother Diego recently separated from his wife Victoria and have been staying with us for the past few weeks. We had room in our new house; we just didn’t realize our guest room would be occupied so soon.

The children think it’s awesome to have their Uncle Diego staying over, although Gigi is old enough to realize something is not quite right. It just irks me how much he tries to make light of the situation.

Diego is scarce until dinnertime most times. He spends much of the daytime at work and the rest of the time with his children. Otherwise, he pretends to be busy reading the business pages.

Tamara seems to be okay with the arrangement for now. She continues her endeavors with her parenting blog, and is in the process of writing a companion book.

She continues to be close with Victoria, which is at times awkward.

Victoria continues to come over during their weekly lunches. I’m sure plenty of girl talk is done.

One of these times, however, Victoria did confide in Tamara on the reason for the split. At least, one of the reasons anyway.

Tamara kept the revelation in confidence, which I respected. But she did let me know that we were being put in an awkward position.

Of course it was awkward. Diego is my brother, and Victoria is a close friend of Tamara. But I never realized how much, until they were in the same room. There were many rolled eyes and dirty looks being thrown around.

Then the two began ignoring each together, preferring to hold separate conversations with Tamara and I.

After that debacle, I realized that eventually we were going to have to choose sides, which was unacceptable. I let my big brother know that although we loved him and would support him as much as we could, he was going to have to find his own place.

Thankfully he understood. He was hoping that the separation would be resolved by now, but it looked like his wife serious on getting a divorce. Now it was finally time to accept it and move forward.


  • The song is from A Place for my Head by Linkin Park.
  • Diego has been staying with his brother’s family instead of getting his own place, as he expected to have reconciled with his wife by now. But they still cannot stand to be in the same room with each other. Victoria is still very petty, stealing the newspaper every… single… day. The divorce is on, whether he’s ready or not.
  • Tamara is getting good use out of her office. She’s still running her blog (blog on cuisine) and has just published a companion book (restaurant guide). It didn’t sell well, but she’s already rolled a want to write a novel so that hasn’t fazed her any.
  • I’ve recently changed her simology, as I realized that her personality applies to the Pleasure aspiration, rather than family. That also changed her IFS to only one, so I’m not expecting them to have another child, as both of them are neat sims and are on birth control, unless there’s BC failure. I think this is for the best; her journey to motherhood has been a hard one. She’s had a few miscarriages and was on bed rest her entire pregnancy of Arthur. I don’t think they want to go through that again.
  • Here’s an extra shot that I couldn’t figure out to fit in the update:

  • This is their cat Snowflake, who like to get on the kitchen counter… while Dominic is at work of course.  He would freak if he saw a cat on his kitchen counter where they prepare food. Thanks for reading!

4 thoughts on “a place for my head

  1. Nice pic of Snowflake on the counter, I can imagine that neat sims would not appreciate that in the least. This all such an awkward situation, choosing sides is what usually happens, and its hard to not, especially if one is at fault for the separation. Hard to not have opinions especially if its something like an affair, which I’m curious about!! Nice that Tamara is a very good friend, but doesn’t she know that the ‘don’t tell anyone’ doesn’t refer to spouses!! 😉

    I like Tamara’s new haircut, and that she’s running a parenting blog too. Going through so much effort for her two kids, it makes sense that they’d be happy with their family and prefer to focus on them. I really feel for Dominic, his older brother has put him in a difficult place, and it’s easy to look up to big brothers, and be rather ill-prepared to see them falter. Kicking him out was really quite brave of him, that wouldn’t be easy to do for any family member.

  2. Heh, that’s a cute pic of Snowflake!

    Yeesh, what an awkward situation for everyone! I think a bit of distance, with Diego moving out now, will probably go a long way towards making things a little bit less weird for everyone. But it doesn’t sound like Victoria is up for an amicable divorce, so things might remain awkward anyway!

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