i can’t wait for you to be gone

January 3006: JuarezDi Household
last update/next update
Diego Juarez is 39, Victoria is 37, Sergio is 13, Santiago is 11, Sabrina is 7.

narrated by Sergio

There they go again. It’s always at night, when they believe that all of us are sleeping in our beds, when my parents begin their nightly arguments.

It’s been going on for a while, for the past several months. And it seems like it’s for every little thing. Who spent what, who hung out with who.

Soon doors slam and the house gets quiet. I thought my father was leaving the house at first, until I went to their bedroom once and saw that he was sleeping on their couch. I guess they wanted to keep up appearances that nothing was wrong to me and my siblings.

They do a well enough job though, as my little brother and sister have no clue. To them, everything is normal as they continue to hang out with their buddies.

As I watch them play with their friends, I wish that I was that carefree and oblivious to all the drama, and I wouldn’t have to worry. I guess that’s part of growing up.

Their friends continue to come over, with our mom supervising, while our dad spends more and more time at work. Avoiding my mom I guess.

She continues to keep us busy, making sure our schoolwork is in order. Between play dates, school work and our extracurricular activities, Santiago and Sabrina have no idea how bad things are right now.

I think she suspects that I know more than I should, as she’ll bring up little hints while talking about mundane things such as checkups with Uncle Dominic.

I just end up changing the subject, as it’s really something I don’t want to talk about. Or maybe, it would make it too real.

On one rare morning when my dad was home instead of at the office, things came to a head.

I forgotten a book for school and I came back to get it, but I heard them going at it.

Insults were thrown from both directions. I’d never heard them talk like that before.

They never noticed me walk into their bedroom. But it wasn’t until my mother accused my father of having an affair that I couldn’t take it anymore.

That was the last time I saw my father in our house.

When I got home from school I avoided my mother and went straight to my room. I just worked on homework, just to keep my mind too busy to think about our breaking home.

As I expected, when Santiago and Sabrina got home from school, my mother called us into the dining room and announced to us that her and dad were getting divorced.

Both of them were shocked but my sister took it the hardest.

She was inconsolable. Mom stood to comfort her but I couldn’t stay in the room at that point.

I retreated to my room, my mind heavy on everything that has happened and everything that’s waiting in the future.


  • The song is from Leave by JoJo.
  • Victoria rolled the DECREASE THE FAMILY scenario. I was disappointed in rolling this, as Diego and Victoria are highly compatible. I figure that when Diego rolled COSMETIC SURGERY scenario, he had a mini midlife crisis, which Victoria did not like. I know it sounds like a petty thing to get a divorce over, but there is more in her reasoning that I will explore later. As they are the wealthiest family in the LC, the divorce will be very high profile. Eek.
  • I had the hardest time lowering their relationship. Every time I was sabotaging their relationship, as soon as I stopped, they’d start getting all lovey-dovey. Stop it lol!

  • I failed to take the family portrait before moving Diego out, so I had to teleport him in. And the photo shoot was terrible! Victoria and Diego kept shooting each other dirty looks, Santiago wouldn’t open his eyes, Sabrina kept resetting off Diego’s lap and Sergio kept putting up thought bubbles. Ugh! So I just used the best one.
  • And in case anyone wants a clue into Victoria’s character, check out this picture:

  • Thanks for reading!

3 thoughts on “i can’t wait for you to be gone

  1. So did he have an affair? Or was it insecurities on her part? Or something deeper? I’m glad you went this route instead of a death . They could always get back together after the divorce and they see the error of their ways

    1. I guess you’ll have to find out, next time on the Days of our Sims… dun dun dun! LOL.

      I will say, Victoria has been leaning toward this for a while. She was the one who calling up Becca on the phone. The ROS said she had to do the dumping, so no death this time.

      After separating (they’re still married in game), I think her true character is coming out. She actually sobbed when I got rid of that ugly painting that didn’t match with the decor and replaced it without that Tiki sculpture. I guess it’s because it was not as valuable as the painting. And she’s very petty. She’s constantly stealing Diego’s newspaper and whenever they’re in the same room, she gives him dirty looks and argues with him.

      She then rolled a want to become friends with Roark King. An unseen PNPC, he is my resident “king wealthy” family (owning many career lots) and is the father of Roark II, a dormmate at URock along with my YAs. He and his wife are also the genetic progenitors of my adoption pool as well.

      I thought it was odd that she rolled that; I didn’t even know she knew him. But once they became friends, she then wanted to become best friends. I’m concerned about him visiting in person, as I’m afraid she might make a move on him. It’s coming off to me like she wants to move up… maybe. Thanks for commenting.

  2. Days of our sims, lol! Really is is, and the high profile divorce, that is going to really be rough for the kids, but I am looking forward to it! 😀 Ah… I can’t believe Victoria is bawling over a picture?! Her poor kids, it is always so sad to break the parents up when there are little ones. Their faces make me want to leave the family intact. I’m even more sad for them seeing that it was an ROS, and not exactly something that the actual sims were after themselves.

    Seeing your other comment though, it sounds like Victoria has her eye on a bigger prize after all. Curious how Sergio will take this, and which parent he will side with. Also if there was an affair at all. If she starts a relationship with Roark, what will you do with him? I’m in a similar situation with my business magnate and wondering if I should have him sell most of the businesses and make a new pnpc for it… or leave it.

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