i’m in the wrong direction

December 3005: Faulkner Household
last update/next update
Trent Faulkner is 36, Quinn is 33, Austin & Chase are almost 5, Dakota is 2.

narrated by Trent

Our mornings begin early in our house. Each day I hope that the kids will allow us to sleep a few more minutes after the alarm goes off. But Dakota is an early riser and screams her head off if we don’t show our faces quick enough after she wakes.

But one morning was different, as Quinn suggesting that she would start sprucing up our house, which was sparsely decorated.

With us being very careful with our money so my media company is get off the ground, we were finally at a point that we can splurge a little. A little!

The next few weeks were a blur, with me so busy at work. But Quinn managed the mini-makeover well.

A little too well I think, whenever I see the new curtains and artwork covering the walls. Even though my wife spent more money that I was willing to part with, she didn’t go overboard and everything was tastefully done.

If we’re not busy at work, then we’re happily busy with our children. Dakota is learning how to use the potty now. I’m happy (and relieved) to say she’s learning rather quickly, more quickly than her brothers.

I just cannot believe Austin and Chase will be in kindergarten next fall. The past few years have really flown.

They’re getting along better with their sister, so I believe they are becoming mature enough for school. Austin is constantly in Dakota’s room, giving her hugs.

With our busy family and work life, Quinn had asked if I wanted some season tickets for some llama ball games that her co-worker Devon was selling. She knew that I was into the Rockport Rockets.

I had declined, but I guess my tone was not that savory, as I hurt her feelings.

Quinn, the nice person she was, laughed off my apology, but I still felt like a jerk. It was just that she only had just spent money for decorating our house and soon would be decorating the boys room, as they will soon need larger beds.

I later admitted to her that I freaked out a little and overreacted. Quinn is quite thrifty and I should appreciate the fact she’s so well with money. She was only trying to treat me after spending funds on our home and our kids. 

It was first disagreement in all the time we’ve known each other (although not really a disagreement) but I’m glad that we can get past it. I have a great marriage and I don’t want my miserly ways to get in the way.


  • The song is from You were Wrong by Downtown Fiction.
  • I was having a hard time trying to figure out what to write about the Faulkner’s, as everything is going well for them at the moment. Trent’s business has taken off (he reached the top level in his career), they have beautiful kids and their marriage is strong. As I looked around their home I noticed that their bedroom was very bare. Nothing on the walls (let’s be honest, that’s always a problem of mine), no knick knacks, nothing that says that they’ve lived in their home for a few years. So I did a little bit of decorating and Trent hated one of the artwork that I bought. That reminded me to check Trent and Quinn’s money management style (credit to Starr) and I discovered that while Quinn is hoarder, Trent is a worrier. They don’t have nothing to worry about, as they are very comfortable. They live in a modest house with no mortgage and make pretty good money. So I deduced that Trent just didn’t like the fact Quinn spent “all that money”, when in actuality they can afford it and then some.
  • So everything is well within the Faulkner household; they are not subject the breakup ROS this round. I’m just looking forward to seeing the twins age up this summer. Hopefully I will be able to tell the difference between the two then! Thanks for reading!


3 thoughts on “i’m in the wrong direction

  1. I love how you wrote that
    Sometimes everything is going well and it’s the little things that have the potential to irritate so it’s nice to see his you wrote in the money management styles

  2. I like the spending habits, and how they had the disagreement over it. I can see Quinn really wanting to do something nice for him, and saying ‘hey, I appreciate you allowing me to spend money to fix up our bedroom, my gift to you is to NOT spend money…” just doesn’t quite hit the spot! lol. I’m the worst with bedrooms, unless it is a teen room, I’m more inclined to decorate for those and nurseries. They have such a lovely family and home though, and I’m excited to see the twins age up. Good luck telling them apart! I had that issue with Julius and Elias and they aren’t exactly identical… not in the least. I always dressed Julius in orange (haha for the Orange Julius drink). 😀 I wonder if they might go on to have any more or if they are done, with the twins heading to kindergarten, their household is about to get a bit easier!

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