Circle of Life: Winter 3005 birthdays

It’s birthday time!

After many weeks of being mildly sick, primary schoolteacher Devon Summerfield finally convinced his wife Heather to go to the doctor, and to their surprise, they found out she was in her fourth month of pregnancy! Although in shock, they are very much excited. And Heather especially welcomes being waited on hand and foot by Devon. They are due May 3006.

Finishing out the winter birthdays are Dennis and Christy’s twins, Ashlea and Denzel, who are turning one.

Other than his father’s eyes, Denzel looks exactly like his mom. He’s also a boy’s boy, preferring to play with his cars and trucks and getting as dirty as possible.

Ashlea also shares her father’s eyes and also favors his looks, with a bit of her mother in there as well.

These precocious little ones are the apple of their parents’ eyes.


  • So just playable NPCs this time. I completely forgot about Heather’s pregnancy, as I failed to write it down. It wasn’t until she did a walkby that I saw her little waddle.
  • Aren’t the twins adorable? And I love, love, love little Ashlea! She is so precious to me; she is the sweetest little thing.

  • See?! Thanks for viewing!

6 thoughts on “Circle of Life: Winter 3005 birthdays

  1. Yes, I agree. But let me say, I went ahead and calculated her future aspiration, her IFS, her money management style and parenting style and all that. Her and another toddler in the LC will be little firecrackers for sure!

  2. Oh boy, Ashlea is just beyond adorable, I love her sweet face and awwww, the last photo of her is just precious! Congrats to Devon, and wow, you really plan it out huh?! For the IFS and future aspirations. When do you decide that? I put down notes on children if something pops out at me, otherwise I’m literally deciding/looking at stats at their teen birthday… and IFS, I sometimes forget until they are a few years into their teenhood.

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