goddamn it, things fall apart

November 3005: Underwood Household
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Jeffrey is 39, Britney is 36, Sarai Richward is 14, Courtney is 4, Tina is 2.

narrated by Jeffrey

It seems like every time I turn around, something is always breaking in our house. Leaky faucets now, clogged toilets last week. We had to replace the dishwasher last month. Luckily I am somewhat handy, so we get to save on repair costs.

It’s becoming very tiresome. It seems like the house is falling apart, at least according to me. Britney thinks it’s just bad timing.

The discussion of finding a new home has come up from time to time, but the sheer thought of accumulating more debt terrifies me. Britney thinks we’ll be fine but she, ever the fiscal conservative, believes it’s not reason enough to move anyway. We should be focusing on paying off the remainder of our mortgage and building our savings. In four short years, Sarai will be heading to college, which is another large expense we’re not really prepared for.

Sarai is sailing through high school and still has her sights set on entering the medical field. The thought of paying for eight to twelve years of higher education is very daunting.

Britney, as a result, is still not-so-subtly encouraging Sarai to apply for membership into FENSA. The accompanying financial award will cover her undergraduate degree, and she’s bright enough to earn other scholarships that will hopefully be enough to cover medical school.

Although Britney means well, I often run interference so she doesn’t overdo it. When I feel the conversation is headed into bad territory, I’ll often change the subject or help Sarai with her school work enough for Britney to move on. Or, her helping me with her school work, usually.

No matter how hard I try to make things easier around the house, Britney still overworks herself. From working full time at the hospital in Rockport and raising two toddlers and a teenager, she exhausts herself enough to come down with the flu.

So I end up making her my grandmother’s chicken noodle soup and she’s completely recovered after a week.

But just when I believe I can relax, our household takes another hit.

I gotta say, the burglar was pretty bold to break into the police chief’s home, but he must’ve not done his homework, as he didn’t know about the alarm or about my department’s fast response time.

The responding officer was fast enough to interrupt him before he stole anything, but it just wasn’t enough as the would-be thief escaped apprehension.

After doing a walk-thru of the house and the rookie taking my statement for the official reports, I had to give a few encouraging words to the officer.

Having the bad guy get away, and in front of your boss no less, would be brutal for anyone.

I am already over it though. I’ll just need to make sure that the whole department get some additional training. But I am still not looking forward to the embarrassment that is waiting for me and my department tomorrow.


  • The title is from Things Fall Apart by Built to Spill.
  • So yeah, the Underwood house got hit but nothing was taken. And the officer’s butt has handed to him by the burglar instead. This was the first time that I had noticed that beaten cops are dejected when retreating back to their vehicles. I was quite amused.
  • Stuff kept breaking around the house this visit; it was irritating the heck out of me. I guess it’s the joys of home ownership after all. All of their money has been in getting the mortgage paid off (which I did this round, yay!), so they couldn’t really spare paying the repairman. So Jeffrey fixed the leaky tub and the expensive toilet that keeps getting clogged (three times during their round). But I did call the repair guy when the computer and dishwasher broke. I really don’t want to chance making Britney a widow.
  • Speaking of Britney, she brought the flu home from work and it would not go away for three days. I was so afraid she was going to croak and make Jeffrey a widower.
  • I really wanted to get Courtney and Tina into the update but that was when certain keyboard shortkeys kept erroring out, making me not getting any good shots of them through all that. And I can’t believe it but Courtney will soon age up to child next summer. Gah!
  • Thanks for reading!

4 thoughts on “goddamn it, things fall apart

  1. Such a great update. I adore the house you did a great job building it.
    Sometimes life’s timing sucks and everything breaks at once and you get robbed. I like how you discussed it. I can’t believe Sarai is off to university soon, time flies

      1. Yeah, she nearly maxed out her skills while still a child; her head was and is always in a book. This was before I added hacks to slow down skill building of course. She only needs two more skill points (or three I cannot remember off the top of my head).

        Britney’s alma mater is URock but she is more suited for Meade.

        I actually downloaded this house but redecorated it. But it is pretty small for their growing family. They’re on BC but I’m hoping that there is no failure. There’s just no more space for another baby and they cannot afford to move to another house.

  2. Oh wow on applying for the FENSA! She’s beyond studious that is for sure. And poor rookie getting bested by a crook at his boss’ house! He really does look rather pitiful. Now you have me wondering if the responding officers had more body points, would they win? I wonder how it is all decided since they aren’t actually playables that gain skill points through play.

    Poor family is having one of those years, the ones that drag and bad things keep piling up. Hopefully their next play session goes better for them with some good times. Sarai off to uni will be exciting, I can understand why her Mom might be stressed out over the costs, but not all parents pay for the entire thing. Perhaps Sarai could get a part-time job and funnel it into a bank account to help the costs.

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