behind the ivy covered walls, fall 3005

Meade College: Fall 3005 semester
last update/next update
Winter Greer is 18. Also Artemis Greene is 17.

narrated by Winter

Every morning is an early morning at Meade College. At least for me it is. Who’s bright idea was it to have lab at eight in the morning anyway??

At least breakfast in the kitchens are served starting at six. But most times I am in a rush and only have time for cereal, instead of the hot breakfasts they serve. Then I rush off for class.

Keeping busy is best, as I frequently think about that fateful day during orientation week. Artemis had visited me on campus, just to get a feel for the place. At least that was what she told me when she stopped by.

But it turned out that she only came by to dump me, or end things as friends as she called it. I was not happy to say the least. Especially when she told me that she’s felt that way for a while.

That really hurt. All those feelings of being used by Marianne came rushing back. In my anger I said some pretty hurtful things too.

Things I regret now. I realized that I was being childish during that whole debacle. It was naive of me to believe that Artemis and I would continue to date into college. Unlike Summer and Lloyd, Artemis and I don’t have that much in common anyway. She wants to be an artist and I am going to be a scientist. It would’ve never worked out anyway.

News traveled quickly in my dorm about my dumping but at least my dorm mates didn’t rub it in. Many were extra nice in helping me deal. Or pitied me. I couldn’t tell.

That’s when I decided that the best way to deal was to focus on school. I registered for a full course load and even set up some study groups.

The study groups worked out great, as I really need them for my literature courses. I find that I am not that creative and my logical brain keeps getting in the way.

Luckily, one of my study partners gives me extra help in exchange for helping her in science class and lab. As we also share a math class, our partnership has been very beneficial for the both of us.

We sometimes hang out after our study sessions. We just small talk, just to give our brains a break from studying.

The environment here at Meade is much different. My siblings and I were used to being top students. But this school is full of bright and talented sims. The competition here is amazing. And I am welcoming the challenge… for now.


  • The title is from The Ivy Covered Walls by Harry Nilsson. This will be the title for Meade updates for now on. You can listen to it here if you like. It’s an interesting song.
  • Yes I know that Winter is a playable NPC who really shouldn’t have his own update, but I really wanted to test out my campus. And if his sisters are in the URock update, then why not.
  • I made the decision to break up Winter and Artemis because she just was not that into him anymore. She never rolled any wants, she never called him on the phone, and she continuously flirts with Devon at school when Winter wasn’t around. It’s for the best, as I see it would’ve never worked anyway. She wants to move to the city and be an artist, and he wants to be a scientist. I’m sure they lasted for as long as they did.
  • Don’t feel too bad for Winter. He got over it pretty quickly. For a shy sim, he gets along with many of the female students in his dorm. He’s really hot for this redhead that I couldn’t fit into the update. We’ll see if it last. I had crashed when on this lot (I was trying to change outfits for the dormies) and when I reloaded the lot, all his wants was of talking and hanging out with Artemis. I took it to mean that he missed her and at least want to apologize on how he reacted.
  • Grades: Physics major, A+ 4.0
  • I really need to recolor that TS3 university stuff. Having that blue in the middle of all that Meade red is irritating. Thanks for reading!

3 thoughts on “behind the ivy covered walls, fall 3005

  1. I would be totally interested in some recolored university stuff. I have been playing my university all week, and it has been driving me crazy! I want to get it done, but have been too excited to actually play. I really liked seeing how Winter has settled in, and I think it makes sense that Artemis broke up with him, in the long the run, they just don’t have similar goals. I was thinking he might like the blond study partner, but I was wrong! I’m looking forward to seeing who this redhead is, and how the future pans out for him.

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