young and wild and free, fall 3005

University of Rockport (URock): Fall 3005 semester
last update/next update
Amanda Wilsonoff is 20. Also Roark King II is 21, Autumn Greer, Summer Greer and Lloyd Wylde are 18.

narrated by Amanda

Another summer has come and gone, and I cannot believe I am already in my third year here at URock. My workload has doubled, as I am now in my major courses, and I find myself more and more in the books. Must be catching, as the dorm’s study room is constantly packed.

Roark is still being his playboy self. He’ll be graduating this year but will stay to complete his MBA at URock. Soon he’ll be set to join the family conglomerate, Sim Enterprises. An executive position complete with an office and company car. Must be nice to be a part of commercial royalty I guess.

There must be an official blueprint on being a King, because he’s taken up with a former flame again. One who’s from another “good” family and whatnot. Honestly, do people still really act this way? Marry well and continue the wealthy bloodlines?

Elliot is still hanging around… and I guess we’re now a thing. I really don’t know how that happened exactly, me being in a relationship. I still think I’m too young to be in a serious relationship but I cannot imagine being without him for long. Our time apart due to his summer internship in Exeter was excruciating. I don’t know what I am going to do once we graduate.

I am not the only one who’s touched in the head by infatuation. The Alto newbies this year all hail from Laurel Crossing, two of which are high school sweethearts. I think it’s kind of ridiculous that they would continue their relationship after high school. College is all about having new experiences and meeting new people. But whatever.

It also turns out that the two girls are sisters and are even two of triplets! Who has triplets nowadays anyway?

But they seem cool enough. When I am in their vicinity they are usually having rather intelligent conversations, so they’re not ditsy like most freshmen when they come through.

Summer is a pre-med major so she’s usually in conversations about all her science classes.

Her boyfriend Lloyd is a jock but totally smart. You’d have to be if in the engineering program at URock.

Elliot tells me often to give people a chance and he turned out to be right… although I will never admit that to him.

I can be nice when I want to be, when people deserve it that is. Elliot will just have to accept that I am not that much of a people person like he is.

I can say for certain that I do like Autumn. I thought she was a bit snobby at first but it turns out that she’s just used to keeping to herself. Her whole family are brainiacs and she is the odd ball out, wanting to be a model of all things.

I didn’t think she was serious about the modeling this, but she told me how she just secured agent and is already in a small modeling show coming up next month.

I was super surprised and happy for her. But as a RA, I felt obligated to at least give her the advice to not let it affect her studies. Most don’t become wealthy doing modeling and she’ll need something to fall back on. Autumn wholeheartedly agreed; she did have a Greer brain after all.


  • So I am back… for now. My promotion from earlier this year has been really time-demanding. I hadn’t really felt like playing TS2, especially since I kept crashing. I’ve gotten Windows 10 installed and after some troubleshooting the game plays well on it. I still plan on moving the hood into a new hood, however. It just has way too many character files and I should do it now before the hood corrupts and I lose everything.
  • As you can see, Amanda still doesn’t like people, but she surprisingly gets along with Autumn, Summer and Lloyd. And she really likes Elliot now. Rolls wants and the lot. No engagement want yet, although Elliot has wanted to marry her since they practically met. He’s got it bad!
  • I have Autumn in the modeling career for now. It is the one by cocokisses on TSR (yeah I know, the devil!). I’ve had this career for a decade now and have never had any issues. When she came home from work, her professor showed up:

  • She got a good hit to her reputation and got a raise out of it. But we’ll see how it goes. I have her as a sociology major (psychology) as she’s perfect for the Social Worker career, per Carla’s career requirements. She may have to make the tough choice between school and work.
  • Summer and Lloyd are still going strong. So far their knowledge aspiration is stronger than ACR; they rather study and do homework than heart farting all over each other. Both are still virgins and I would like to keep it that way for now. It’s just not in Summer to do IT yet and Lloyd is the time to just wait until she’s ready. But you never know about ACR. They could easily get it on while I’m playing another lot. It has happened to me at least three times before.
  • As a refresher, Roark is a part of the King family, who’s my resident wealthy family in my game. Rowena is the older sister, who’s engaged and living in a tiny, tiny apartment with her fiance that right around the corner from the hospital. She’s in med school and is now in third year (starting the Resident level on 3T2 medical career). Once she completes the next two years, she’ll be a MD and ready to practice. Her fiance is already working at Sim Enterprises (3T2 business career). They will get married once she obtains her MD and will enjoy her trust fund once it pays out at 25. Like Amanda says, it must be nice.
  • I have the mod where you can only earn an A if they write a term paper and i’ll only have them write it if they have a want for it, which was nonexistent this semester. It was really surprising that Summer or Lloyd didn’t roll the want, as they are knowledge sims, but I guess all that making out did affect them some lol. Grades: Roark, Business Management (Economics) B+ 3.6 GPA, Amanda, Physiology (Psychology) B+ 3.4 GPA, Autumn, Sociology (Psychology) B+ 3.3 GPA, Summer, Biology pre-med B+ 3.3 GPA, Lloyd, Engineering (Mathematics) B+ 3.3 GPA. 
  • Thanks for reading!

9 thoughts on “young and wild and free, fall 3005

  1. Yay!!! So excited about this update and I’m glad that Elliot and Amanda are going strong. Is Elliot a junior as well? What’s his major?

    1. Elliot is a dormie in that hall, so he’s likely at the default, freshman and undecided. I’m booting up the game to look at his details and apply your simology and figure how what his aspiration, major and future career should be. I want to say he’s knowledge, but let’s hope that I don’t have to change his aspiration, so he can still be into Amanda.

      As far as his age, I think I’m going to leave it up to the dice. I’ll roll to see if he’s a junior or senior.

  2. Oh, I didn’t know he was a dormie. I thought he was a playable (or a non-playable playable) by the way you wrote him 🙂 If he’s into her now, I doubt you would need to change his aspiration. For some reason I was thinking that he was a business major focusing on sales based on their conversations and him never meeting a stranger, lol. I’d be interested to see what you figure out about him. I am going to have them visit Apple Valley to meet the family. Everyone has been dying to meet him, lol

  3. It’ll be interesting to see how Autumn goes in the modelling career! That’s one I’ve always wanted to play but I’ve never had a sim with both the looks and personality to want to do it. One day!

  4. So fun to see Amanda here and doing well, looking forward to seeing her at Starr’s blog, bringing Elliot home to the meet the family! Love the connections. Elliot is really cute, I totally didn’t realize he was a dormie ether. Your cafeteria is great, I really enjoy your buildings and decor, and checking it all out in the background of your pictures. The modeling career, so fun! Good to know you haven’t had issues with that one, I’m hoping to put Willa in the modeling career, and do not have an actual career in the game yet for her.

    I’m surprised that Summer and Lloyd didn’t roll the want for the term paper. Perhaps next semester. I think they are cute together, and how studious they both are. Seems like Roark and Rowena are both pretty set for life, must be nice for them and their parents that the kids are nicely aligned for their family values.

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