too school for cool, fall 3005

Laurel Hills Secondary School: Fall 3005 semester
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Principal/Superintendent: Illiana Greer; Teachers: Deidre Tyler, Nigel Hoyt
Students: Sergio Juarez (12), Sarai Richward (14); Marianne Richward, Denise Weber, Janet Weber (15); Jeffrey Michaels (16); Artemis Greene, Devon Royal (17)

Fall 3005

The new school year at the Hills without a hitch, but the school saw a different Marianne, who seemed to have a determination about her.

She seemed more focused in class and all of her assignments were turned in on time.

Mrs. Tyler was pleased on her improved performance. If only she can rub that off on her best friend Janet.

The curriculum was getting tougher, as Sergio soon found out. High school was a whole different ball game!

Denise advised him to not stress over it too much. As long as he finishes the work he’ll be fine.

For graduating seniors Devon and Artemis, the increasingly challenging coursework is not appreciated. They’re ready to go.

Unfortunately for Devon, he’s not quite ready to graduate yet. He had just been waitlisted on the Graphic Arts program at URock.

His poor grades in physics class was bringing his GPA down low enough to get a provisional admission status. He saw going to URock as a way to escape boring LC so he signed up for tutoring to bring his grades back up.

With his academic career back on track, he can concentrate on getting to know Artemis better.

With Marianne busy with a full courseload, Janet takes a Tai Chi class to fill her schedule.

What she thought was going to be a bird course turned out to be more challenging that Janet thought. But she stuck with it, as her only other option was shop class.

Sergio opted to earn his fitness requirement by working out in the gym.

Which Jeffrey was caught skipping from by Mr. Hoyt. Detention, Mr. Michaels!

Fed up with Marianne being too busy to hang out, Janet approaches her one day after class.

Marianne explains that now there were sophomores she was trying to catch up. She wanted to go to university and graduation would arrive too soon.

Trying to explain to Janet that she was really trying to get good grades was futile to Marianne. Janet thought it was way too soon to be thinking about university. The whole concept of wanting to go to school for another four years after high school was insane.


  • Marianne is still maintaining her good grades and is rolling wants for good grades and university. She worked hard this session, earning the highest percentage on the Simlogical workbook in the class. She didn’t even roll a want to interact with Janet. But when I did direct them to have a chat, Janet got bored with the topic of school and their relationship took a hit. I think this shows Marianne that Janet is likely not heading in the same direction her and Denise. With Summer Greer away at university, there is no one that Janet can antagonize and if she doesn’t shape up, she will grow apart from Marianne like she did with Denise.
  • Devon and Artemis are seniors this year and I decided to see what their careers would be. Artemis is good for the Artist career, which she really doesn’t need a college degree for (in my game), which is perfect because she could care less about school. Devon is good for the Gamer and the Graphics Design career, but I didn’t see him as a gamer, so I’m pegging him for the design career.
  • Unfortunately, he had a C average and was short a logic and a mechanical skill for entry into that program, which is actually a part of the Vanguard School of the Arts. So he has a lot of work to do… and not on Artemis either, who he has a thing for.
  • Sergio is doing well his first year in high school. He had a want to be fit which I had him work for. He is a little cutie. Thanks for reading!

2 thoughts on “too school for cool, fall 3005

  1. That’s awesome that Marianne is taking school so seriously now. I wouldn’t be surprised if she grew apart from Denise if she keeps it up but I think it’d probably be for the best. If Janet is going to object to Marianne actually trying hard in school, she’s not a great influence. :\

  2. Ahh! So nice to see Marianne keeping up the good act, and wow, I was surprised to see Janet yawning while Marianne talked to her. It really seems like she has made a change for a better, and might be leaving her friend in the dust. Sergio is adorable, glad that he is doing well so far. Artemis for art is pretty cute, maybe he could use his name for a slogan ‘Artsy Artemis’ or something less lame. 😉

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