i’m going through changes

October 3005: Tyler Household
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Corey Tyler is 37, Deidre is 30, Nichole Faithbucks is 10, Alicia is 8, Lauren is 6. Also Blake Faithbucks is 33, Nigel Hoyt is 36, Alison is 32, Trent Faulkner is 35, Quinn is 32.

narrated by Deidre

Things are finally calming down from the past month. After searching for the ideal house for several months, Corey and I made the decision to just buy an empty lot and just build our own home. It was finished only a month before our wedding.

The girls are enjoying having a bigger space in playing around and having their own rooms. The house is always busy with the girls’ friends coming over.

Well, just Nichole and Lauren’s. Alicia is still pretty introverted. She prefers to stay indoors and read. She’s even talking to her father more and more on the phone.

Due to termite damage at Brookhollow Grace Church, we’ve had to relocate our wedding at the last minute, deciding to have it at our new home. It was going to be too small of a ceremony to have at Rose Hill Park anyway.

Even though this is the first wedding for the both of us, we didn’t feel the need to spend a lot of money on just one day. We rather invest more in our actual marriage instead.

It was a nice ceremony nonetheless. I was so nervous.

But after we said I do, all that anxiety just melted away.

I was Mrs. Tyler now!

By the time Corey and I finished shooting our pictures, night had fallen and the reception was well underway.

The kids were busy talking the Hoyt’s ears off about their daughter Ivy and how they had a brother and a new baby sister themselves. Nigel and Alison seemed not to mind all of the questions.

Blake was on his best behavior. He even complimented our wedding and our new home.

The cake was really delicious and Corey was kind enough to not smash it in my face like so many do.

After it all, I would say that the ceremony was a success, even with the short amount of time for us to plan it.

There have been a lot of changes for the girls lately- moving into a new house, getting a new stepfather and getting a new baby sister.

The girls have generally accepted everything in stride but I was still a little concerned about Alicia in particular.

She’s been a little withdrawn from the family and a bit more needy with her father than usual, and I suspect it has to do with their new baby sister.

So after discussing it with Blake, he and I have split the cost of a new piano and we have signed her up for the piano lessons she’s been bugging us for.

Unfortunately, the stress from the move, wedding and parenting has caught up with me, as I came down with a bad cold.

The only thing that I can keep down is some comforting soup.

After eating my fill, I spend my time resting as best as I can.


  • The title is from Going Through Changes by Eminem.
  • I had meant for Corey and Dee to get married before this update but I completely forgot to schedule it in. So I load up the game to do it and my game crashes every time I try to load up Brookhollow Grace church, so I decided to do a wedding at home instead, as I figured that Dee wouldn’t want to get married at the courthouse again.
  • I had their colors as black and white and a very cute and simple sheath dress for Dee but to much dismay they both switched into default wedding attire (luckily I have default replacements). I’ve never had that happen it a while so it must’ve been that woodsy-fairy wedding arch that did it. It was the first time for me using it. It was going to be a small wedding, so I invited the Faulkners as Dee and Quinn are very close and the Hoyts since Alison hooked Dee up with Corey. I sent an obligatory invite to Blake and Becca, but she didn’t come as she just had the baby two months prior (at least, that’s what Blake and Becca told her).
  • Alicia is so introverted, which I just don’t get. She’s very outgoing but she keeps to herself. When I entered their lot, Lauren was already friends with Corey and Nichole had the want, which was soon fulfilled. Alicia? No wants to interact with Corey, although he’s always trying to read books to her. Their relationship is in the twenties and to my extreme surprise, she rolls a want to call Blake, every. Single. Day. She’s never rolled for Blake before and I suspect it’s because Corey and new baby Layla. Alicia is high in creativity and music, so she got a piano and she’s quite the virtuoso. 
  • Dee ended up bringing home a cold from work. But it was a persistent little bug and she ate some comfort soup and received that popup about the sickness melting away, only to get another popup immediately about having a cold. I’m very paranoid with having the Realistic Sickness in my game and after lounging and napping all day and two more hits of soup, she’s right as rain now.
  • Thanks for reading!


One thought on “i’m going through changes

  1. I’m glad that Dee is healthy again, whew! That would have been horribly tragic if she had passed. This house is great, I loved it when you posted pics at n99 of it, and the wedding… ahhh perfect! While the church crashing really stinks, their backyard wedding at their house that they just built seems perfect for this family.

    I like that they bought a piano for Alicia to play, that is one instrument that I don’t use hardly at all, only Morgan’s parents have one in their house… I really ought to change that. Maybe she will find a nice musician to be friends with, do you have music class in your school? It would be cute if she found another creatively inclined friend.

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