take a look at who you are

September 3005: Tracy household
last update/next update
Liam is 36, Cora is 33, Adriana is 6, Jordan is 4, Harper is 1, Marianne Richward is 15. Also Jeff Underwood is 39, Britney is 36.

narrated by Cora

Liam and I were at the end of our rope with Marianne. It seems that my karma from my wild days of my youth is coming back in my daughter. Lackluster grades, bullying and sneaking out- it’s beginning to be too much.

Liam is worried that things with Marianne would only escalate.

We’ve tried so many ways of disciplining to no avail. The more we crack down, the more she rebels. Which is why we asked my cousin Britney if she and Jeff would consider having Marianne stay with them for a time.

I thought they took it better than expected.

At least they didn’t turn us down right away. They have a full house as it was, with two toddlers at home just like us. They needed to discuss this on their own.

It was just so stressful for us lately. Lively conversation at the dinner table was usually forced with Marianne withdrawn.

This time around Liam suggested that we take a trip to our vacation home in Twikki Island.

That seemed to bring Marianne out of her shell. The prospect of taking a long weekend at the beach after months of lock down was just too good to pass up.

It was great to see the old Marianne again. But we need it wouldn’t last. We had three other children to consider. Her actions would soon affect her siblings. So I had to make a hard decision.

After speaking with Britney, I told her the news that we were considering sending her to temporarily live with Jeff and Brit, as well as sending her for counseling.

She balked at first but once she saw that I was serious, she completely broke down.

The thought of leaving her home and sharing a room with more strict parents, no weekend getaways and no privileges, she finally realized how good she had it. And resolved to do better.

I thought at first she was faking but I recognized the look in her eyes. It was the same look I had when I found out that I was pregnant with Marianne at age 18, and realized that my life was severely going to change. She may have not hit rock bottom, but her life as she knew it was ending and that sobered her up quickly.

She asked for one last chance to improve. She would attend therapy, bring back up her grades, earn back her privileges and keep out of trouble. I really do hope she sticks to it. She only has three more years of childhood. Her time for goofing off had come to an end.


  • The title is from Turnaround by Nirvana.
  • So I finally made a decision on what to do with Marianne. Due to their personalities, Jeff & Brit are more disciplined parents. Marianne would get more structure and discipline living there, with Liam and Cora paying Jeff & Brit financial support (even though they would refuse it). She would share a room with her cousin Sarai, and would help out even more around the house. And her aunt and uncle would put a stop to hanging out with Janet. 
  • I had this plan in mind when I entered their lot, but it seems that Marianne has made a turn for the better. She brought her grade up to an A+, she got along well with her siblings and she didn’t complain when I made her clean up. Even though she still rolled wants to go out and/or sneak out with random teens, I chalk that up to her aspiration and I believe she finally stopped rebelling.
  • The final test will be the next school update. We’ll she how she acts with Janet around. I can’t believe it but Marianne is 15! In just three short years she’ll graduate high school and be on her way to college (hopefully). She wants to have a successful athletic career, and she won’t be able to do that without going to college. Not everyone can be Kobe Bryant of LeBron James, after all.
  • Here are some extra pictures from the beginning scene that I ended up not using. The conversation went well enough, although Jeff did have a few objections. I see it has Britney agreeing without really discussing it with Jeff. She really wants to help Marianne:


  • I imagine that Cora was worried about her daughter’s future mimicking hers if she continued to act out:



  • Thanks for reading!


6 thoughts on “take a look at who you are

  1. Whoa
    I wonder how long she will stay on the right path. I hope it’s for a while, I have a teen moving in with another set of family in my hood as well, I’m about to play them next but now I might change the backstory a bit since it was similar to yours

    1. When I entered their lot I had every intention of moving Marianne in with her relatives. But I noticed that her grades had improved (probably from doing the Simlogical workbook at school) and she had good interactions with her family. If I had chosen to have her move out I would’ve had another plot line to explore. But she does have three more years.

  2. Well, for everyone’s sake, I hope this has really made Marianne start in on the straight and narrow. It can’t have been easy for her parents to consider sending her away, so I hope it doesn’t come to that. It should be very interesting to see.

  3. ooo I hope that Marianne stays on the right path, I would love for her to be home with her family. I could see it being very difficult for Britney and Jeff in bringing Marianne back around to the right path, especially with their own family to tend to. I think the vacation is a great idea too, I’ve used that for families that had kids with discord, and it really seemed to help without all the distractions of work, school, and household chores.

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