Circle of Life, Fall 3005

It’s birthday time!

In August, Blake and Becca Faithbucks welcomed a baby girl, Layla Susan. Layla is splitting image of her older brother Alex and is already running the nanny ragged.

Harper Tracy has turned one this fall and is already bubbly, rambunctious little angel.

Little Ivy Holt has reached her first birthday as well and appears to greatly take after her hybrid father, Nigel.


  • I was hoping that Becca had another son, as Blake is not lacking in daughters. But at least they have a pair.¬†They’re not likely to have any more babies at this point, as Blake’s IFS is 2 (which he greatly surpassed, having five kids currently) and Becca dead set in returning to work. Her IFS is 3, so there’s a possibility in birth control failure in the future.
  • I called it, Harper favors her dad, much like the other kids in her generation. But I don’t care. Yay, red hair!
  • With her birthday in July, Ivy just missed the cutoff in summer birthdays, so she showed up in the fall. Since she inherited her dad’s eyes, she also inherited his alien spots as well.
  • Thanks for viewing!

One thought on “Circle of Life, Fall 3005

  1. Blake looks like he is being a good daddy to Layla. I can see them having only her with Becca, and while a boy would have been especially nice, Layla looks very sweet. I’m curious how they will raise her and her relationship will be with her half-siblings. Harper is adorable, as is Ivy, I like the family portrait of them on the sofa, Ivy looks especially sweet in that photo!

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