can’t nothing bring me down

August 3005: Barnes Household
last update/next update
Dimitri Barnes is 31, Addie is 26, Zachary is 4 months.

narrated by Addie.

It has only been a few months but I absolutely adore being a mother.

And I am not the only one who is enjoying new parenthood either.

It almost feels like a race, who will make it to baby Zac first when he cries for attention.

He does go as far as taking him out of my arms when he gets home from the office.

He insists on giving Zac his bath and bottle before putting him to bed for the night.

I used to object to this but I soon wised up, as I really need all the rest I can get.

After Zac (and I) are tucked into bed, Dimitri heads into his home office to finish the work he left behind in order to be home for the baby’s bedtime.

It’s only halfway into the new year and he’s been so busy. With the news of the town’s budget surplus, he’s been very busy with the town’s city planning projects, beginning with the town’s new medical center.

With the construction of the med center underway, he’s been pushing to get started with the construction of affordable housing. That project is taking longer than expected due to recent occurrences of termite infestations of a lot of the homes in the area. Even Brookhollow Grace Church has been affected.

Even with what’s been going on in town government, Dimitri has been making an honest effort in spending just as much time with Zac and I. I admit that I had my reservations with being married to a politician, but I’m glad that I took a chance, as I am as happy as I can be.


  • The title is from Happy by Pharrell.
  • This update was hard to write, as it was mainly just basic game play while in their household. Nothing in their wants gave me hint on the theme.
  • But I did have Addie go back to work. I realized during this play that the Barnes are actually house-poor. They had a sizable tax bill that sucked up most of their household funds. And with the Barnes responsible for the maintenance of the mayoral estate (in-game bills and a butler), they have a good amount of expenses as well. A few more households have this same problem; they have a valuable house but not enough cash. Because of this, and because of the vast amount of taxes collected this round, I am not going to collect taxes for a while.
  • Now that the LC is flush with cash, maybe Deputy Mayor Summer Frazier will stop backseat driving in Dimitri’s administration. There’s now plenty of money to expand the city. First on my list is the medical center and building affordable housing. I want more economic diversity in my hood.
  • The whole termite infestation thing is my excuse for having buggy lots. The church kept crashing my game when I tried to enter it to decorate for the next wedding. So I bulldozed it and will start over. 
  • Dimitri is so adorable as a dad. He autonomously feeds, changes and bathes him. I cannot keep him out of the nursery. Addie would put Zac down to sleep and Dimitri would come up from behind her and pick him up from the crib. Cardinal rule, Dimitri, never wake a sleeping baby!
  • Thanks for reading!


7 thoughts on “can’t nothing bring me down

    1. It was so cute Carla. When Dimitri wasn’t at work, he was in the nursery. Even when Addie just put the baby in the crib, he was right behind her, taking him out. At times I did wonder if he was going to snatch the baby out of her hands!

  1. This family is really sweet, I liked seeing Addie sleeping in the nursery with Zachary in his bed. Dimitri working in his office and caring for Zachary on her own was very sweet, and yay for the surplus. Looking forward to seeing what he does with all the extra money.

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